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How does Lucius play now?


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I played MK1 of Malifaux, but eventually stopped and have decided I'd like to get back into it with some of the new plastics.

Thus I'm asking round the forum for some info on a couple of the gangs.


I saw that Lucius now works for neverborn? How much has he changed since MK1. (Where he could pretty much only run guildguard.)

Could anyone give me some feelings on how he plays now? Does he still do the buffs to out of activation? Does he have any new tricks?

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Lucius is a full on dual faction master for guild and neverborn now.  He can bring mimics and guardsmen with him to either with his surprisingly loyal upgrade.

His shtick is more ordering his minions around than anything in 2E.  His That's What Lackeys Are For ability is my personal favorite, but his Commanding Presence is key to how I play him too.

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