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"Glitz, Gutters and Gusto" - Werner's Ravishing Ronins

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Hello, darlings!

Having started up my Perdita-crew not long ago, It'll be a little (stressing 'little') while until I return to paint the laser-farting unatics and mustachio-clad mercenaries of the Outcasts, so I figured I'd put my latest work up for public amusement, amazement and/or derision. :P

I really liked painting these miniatures, since they were a good excuse to go absolutely bonkers with the color-schemes. I was a bit disappointed with how the girl in red turned out, but it can't be helped now. :( I also noticed that Yellow was just as hard to paint as I remembered, but I'm pretty happy with the result - especially contrasting her dark skin.

The bases are made from those wooden stir-sticks you get with your coffee. I've shamelessly stolen scores of these from the University cafeteria. Luckily, they haven't gotten wise yet. :lol:

I mostly used Citadel (ugh!) paints for these, but used Model Colors for the brighter red. I am considering switching away from Citadel colors, since the cans have a tendency to dry up on me. Do you guys have any suggestions?

I hope you'll like what I've done. If you want to see more, I can link some other threads if you're interested. As usual, I'm always interested to hear any tips you might have! Otherwise, feel free to stroke my ego with insincere flattery - it'll get you everywhere;)




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Really nice yellow! :-)

I got a full set of army painter, and supplement with Vallejo Model Air for the colours I miss from the Army Painter range, and Vallejo Model Color for some specific gems (like Deck Tan!). I'd avoid the new Zombiecide Army Painter stuff; some nice tones, but far to thick, and a pain to work with. Oh, and Army Painter washes as simply amazing! :-)

The Army Painter range is somewhat small, but good quality and great consistency. Model Air is a good alternative, but more expensive and fiddly. The Model Color range is vast, and have some marvelous colours, but consistency suffers, and they take a lot of shaking/stirring in my experience. 

In addition I use some technical stuff, ak/Mig/vallejo pigments, Tim Holz crackle paint, Tamiya red for blood spatter, vallejo textured paint/water effects, etc. The only thing I use from Citadel is liquid greenstuff for hairline cracks and roughening up overly smooth plastic surfaces; nothing anywhere to replace it... :-(

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