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He can work, ok, with Seamus, but as an aside Seamus is my most played master and I rarely take the dead rider. 

My personal recommendation is that if you are looking to get new currently available models for him you should look at:

1) A Nurse. If your budget can stretch far enough buy the mcmorning box for another master and the nurses.

2) Yin. Seamus works especially well with Yin, and Yin combos very nicely with Sybelle.

3) Variable, but the University of Transmortis box, for the valedictorian, or the crossroads seven box, for Lust and greed are good choices.

Though I'm not necessarily the best Seamus player I'm probably one of the more passionate players of his crew, so if you search back through the resser forum you'll find many of my posts giving advice to new Seamus players.

Additionally if you like podcasts I did overviews of Seamus for both Schemes and Stones, as well as Through the Breach which might be helpful to you.

welcome to Maiifaux. :)

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