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Through the Breach Halloween One-Shot, Myriad Games Manchester, NH 10/27/2015


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Through the Breach Halloween One-Shot

Myriad Games

1525 S Willow St, Manchester, NH 03103
(603) 623-4263

October 27, 2015 6pm

I'll be running a Through the Breach RPG Halloween adventure. You'll only need to bring a fate deck and a miniature. I'll have pre-generated characters but if people want to create a character that is fine too (would need to do that before we start at 6pm). If you have any questions feel free to ask.

To whet your appetite!

The Carver is a legend in Malifaux, a whispered boogeyman who stalks the shadows, waiting to exact its vengeance upon the humans that have entered its realm. According to folktales and bedtime stories, the Carver is a lanky scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head and gardening shears for hands. It delights in creeping from house to house, peeking into the windows of children to see if they’re asleep. When it catches a child who is still awake, it leaps through the window, shattering the glass as it snatches the naughty little one up in its arms and carries them off to the land of nightmares for all time.

In the taverns, the stories are far darker. Some of the newer arrivals to Malifaux laugh at the idea of a walking scarecrow, claiming that the creature – if it even exists – is probably just some construct that has been dressed up like a scarecrow as a bit of a joke. Such claims might earn a nervous chuckle from those hoping that the discussion moves on to something more pleasant, but every so often, someone in the
tavern claims to have actually seen the Carver with their own eyes.

The tavern invariably grows silent at such claims, as such encounters are never happy stories. If the survivor tells their tale, it usually ends with a friend or loved one perishing at the hands of the Carver. Sometimes it leaps through a window in the manner of the children's stories, but the real Carver does not slink away until the walls drip with blood. Others claim that the scarecrow ambushed them in the streets and have the scars – and prosthetic limbs – to back up their stories.
There seems to be no consistent pattern to the way the Carver hunts its prey, save that its killing sprees become more prevalent in the lead up to All Hallow’s Eve. On that dreaded day, the Carver freely stalks the streets of Malifaux City, spreading terror and murder in its wake.

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