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Halloween Scenario - Resurrecting Bingo the Penguin - Oshkosh WI


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The much-loved Bingo the penguin has been convicted of mass murder and necromancy by the Guild, and punished accordingly. However, it was only after his execution and the disappearance of his corpse that it came to light that Bingo had a huge cache of Soulstones hidden somewhere. Now Crews from all over Malifaux are scrambling to find and reassemble the body of the penguin, so that with some necromantic coaxing, he can give up his secret. 

30 SS of crew. A simple Strategy is flipped randomly, and you can spend a Soulstone for one re-flip if you want. 
One Scheme is chosen by the player, the second scheme is always Trick or Treat. 
With Trick or Treat, each player places three markers anywhere on the board at least 8" from their deployment zone. A model in base contact with a marker can use a (1) Interact action to remove the marker, and flip a card, this flip may not be cheated. If it's odd, then it’s a Trick and the marker is replaced with a Mindless Zombie. If it's even, then it’s a Treat--the crew acquires a penguin Body Part, and can claim a bag of sweets from the organizer. 

Parts gained are cumulative between games, and the first player to get seven should stand up and shout "Bingo!" to claim a special prize at the end of the day.

Start Time 12:00pm

FREE EVENT! All skill levels welcome. There will also be demos available for new players interested in learning the game. 


Adventure Games and Hobby

Oshkosh, WI 54902



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