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Freikorps Suit and Incite


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Freikorps Suit: This model may ignore damage from :pulse and :blast effects.

Incite: Enemy models in :pulse4 must succeed a TN 13 Wp duel or suffer 1 damage.

Does the Freikorps Suit ignore this 1 damage if the model with the suit fails the Wp duel? Does the suit ignore the duel altogether? If ignored, does the model with the Freikorps Suit, ignore Misery as well?


-signed Miserably Confused Freikorps Suit Wearer

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From the FAQ 

10) Q: Does being immune to damage caused by pulses make a model immune to the damage caused by failing a Simple Duel, if the Simple Duel was generated by a pulse?
A: Yes.

So they take the duel but ignore the damage. 

This is what I thought the correct ruling would be. ,,, and the model would still take damage from Misery. Thanks!

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On a related question, if a pulse effect gives burning, the model with the friekorps suit still takes damage from the burning? Or does it not, because the burning is from a pulse effect?

The damage happens after the pulse effect has been resolved, so it's considered unrelated.  For the "pulse causing duels causing damage" case, that's still the pulse effect being resolved.


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