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Arcanist Crew for starter set


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Hi. I'm new to Malifaux and new to the forums. I have the starter set and I really like the way playing through the encounters teaches the game. It's very clear and solidifies the concepts nicely. 


I would really like to play through it with my son and have one crew that's not so grisly. I'm thinking Arcanist would be cool. Any ideas on an Arcanist crew that could work in the starter set?



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Just an Arcanist crew that could be a replacement for either crew that comes in the starter set. So that for example you could play through the encounters with the existing Neverborn crew and replace the Guild with an Arcanist crew.


Two minions to replace the orderlies in the first couple encounters, expanding to the same two minions and and a henchman in the third encounter, etc.

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The starter isn't going to match up particularly well against any of the crew boxes because it's two 20 point henchmen lead teams.  The crew boxes are 35-50 point master lead teams.  

That said, you could definitely run an appropriately sized team made out of any of the starter kits.  Here are some ideas:

M&SU (Ramos box): Joss, Howard Langston, 2x Mechanical Spiders.  This crew is incredibly straightforward.  When you ge to a bigger game size, Ramos adds in a lot of new gameplay.

Troubleshooters (Ironsides Box): The Captain w/ his Personal upgrade, 3x Oxfordian Mages.  This isn't quite so straightforward, but it is a fun crew nonetheless.  There's a lot of range, some movement tricks, and not a lot of melee potential.

Burning Revelations (Kaeris Box): Firestarter, 3x Fire Gamin (You'll be down a few points here).  This is a condition based box and, unfortunately, everything in the box is inexpensive to hire.  A lot of people love Kaeris, and she looks amazing.

Claw and Fang (Marcus Box): Myranda, Sabertooth Cereberus, either Cojo or Razorspine Rattler (again, it's a few points soft).  Marcus is an amazing toolbox who has tricks and answers for almost any situation.  You don't have a lot of models on the board, but Myranda can shapechange if you like.  I like to describe Marcus as a bridge between beat 'em up crews and tricky crews.  


I would avoid Rasputina's box, as she's got no included henchman (so you'll overpower the starter team if you run Tina herself, and if you don't your team doesn't have a leader).  Colette's box is a tricks and shenanigans box and it seems you're looking for something a little more straightforward, so I'd avoid that too (Though Cassandra, Performer x2, Mannequin x2 would definitely be playable).  Mei Feng's box is really good for this kind of start up (Kang, 3x Rail Workers) but Kang is Ten Thunders, and while he will work for Arcanists when hired by Mei Feng, when he leads a team it has to be Ten Thunders.  If that doesn't bother you, her box is a great learning crew.  It's pretty straightforward but it has just a few buffs and tricks to spice it up.

Hope I haven't confused you too much.  

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