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M2e Shifting Loyalties Campaign - Bethlehem, PA @ The Portal Comics and Gaming


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On Friday October 30, 2015, The Portal Comics and Gaming will be starting our first Shifting Loyalties Campaign for the world of Malifaux.

This is a great time for anyone who is looking to get into Malifaux as this campaign will take you from a small crew and slowly grow you into a Malifaux Master.
As an added BONUS, The Portal Comics and Gaming have been gracious enough to provide a 5% discount on all Malifaux products to the participants throughout the campaign 

This campaign will be run over the next 2 months with new events occuring every 2 weeks. 

- Single Faction
- Initial Hiring Pools will be 35ss.
- Must start with at least 1 Henchman as the leader of your crew.
- Your crew will choose 1 bounty for free from the bounties list.
- Additional Scrip within the campaign will be awarded to players for painting of single models.
 1 model = 1 scrip
 This can be used within the campaign to expand your crew faster.

No Masters can be hired until your crew completes their bounty and we are at the end of the 2nd phase of the campaign.

The entry fee into the campaign is $10 and the prizes will be paid out to the crew with the most Campaign Points at the end of Phase 4.

Phase 1 Oct 30th - Nov 12th
Phase 2 Nov 13th - Nov 26th
Phase 3 Nov 27th - Dec 11th (Masters Allowed)
Phase 4 Dec 12th - Dec 24th (Masters Allowed)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to assist.

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