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Brewmaster vs Collodi 45 SS


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Ty for the battrep. It's fun to watch (I'm only 50% through it, will finish from home).

I have spotted some things that came up during the game:

- Bayou gremlin can cheat fate from the deck, you could have tried to avoid damage in the 1st turn (wouldn't have helped in hindsight :D )

- Ht1 vs Htx rules came up: if you want to draw LoS you can ignore everything that has lower size than the higher figure in the duel -> so a Ht 1 can see a Ht3 through a Ht2 wall, but a Ht2 can't see a Ht1/2 figure if it's right behind a Ht1/2 one, etc.

- I have spotted 1 error that is quite important: you can only charge in a straight line (from top down), so no charging around friends :). But you could climb a fence during a charge for example if you see the enemy and you move in a straight line.


Hope we will see more fun battle reports!

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