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Guardsmen Trait Models


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Ok so I am not very experienced with guild (and frankly I am terrible at malifaux) but I just picked up Lucius and a few extra pieces, mainly riflemen and executioners.

There are not that many things out in plastic that I want to use that seems to be "go-to's" for him ( I dont like to hunt down metal models), namely sergeant and the guardsman construct (cant remember name). So for those models that have the guardsman trait, what are some good includes and tactics/tricks? I have looked up pullmyfinger but it doesnt feel like it has enough info mainly due to a lack of depth with interaction tactics among guardsmen. what good are guild guard with their poor stats? riflemen lists seem very squishy and vulnerable to mele. What can I do as someone who is new to guild and using Lucius to maximize my crew for schemes and strategies, both killy and marker based?

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My number one suggestion is buying the Hoffman Box to use with Lucius. Hunters, Guardian, and Watcher are very necessary to have in my own opinion.

As far as pure Guardsmen. Guild Hounds have the trait and are somewhat decent. Riflemen are very worth while.

Guild Guard I've only have found useful for a few things. Guarding areas(turf war and recon) and attacking late game. Typically you want movement tricks to push them together so they are always getting their Patrol defense bonus.

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The robots you mentioned are Wardens.

Other Guardsmen not mentioned are the Guild Pathfinder and Austringers (although the Austringers have a couple of restrictions with Lucius and Dashel's Guardsmen-related abilities). Shifting Loyatlies will see the Mounted Guard as well. I can't remember if Master Queeg the new Guild Henchman counts as a Guardsman or not  :(

I am yet to use Lucius but the Pathfinders are hardly ever a bad choice, especially not for models with Guardsman synergy. The Pathfinder has a :blast on moderate and severe and so can get some nice use out of Focussing, but additional (0) actions will compete with their brilliant Clockwork Trap antics.

Unfortunately I am yet to use or even put my Lucius crew together so cannot give you much more than this.

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Hagisman gave you a really good suggestion in buying the Hoffman box! Asidee from those guys everyone in guild usually likes death marshals, witchling stalkers, The Judge and Francisco Ortega so I usually recommend one or two of the book one master boxes.

Guild guard can work for light marker schemes but they probably aren't going to run breakthrough for you. In squatters rights (the one with five markers centerline) they can get one marker each while still staying within buffing range of each other. If the enemy has a scary model with low defence their guns can actually put a nice little condition down and close to Dashel they can focus for a (0) so can put decent moderate damage on stuff after moving if you cheat in a 6-7 for the damage.

Pathfinders and austringers are both awesome and I would use them a lot! None of them benefit from Dashels focus as a (0) that much but sometimes it's worth it to get the :+fate to hit from him and then using him as a countercharger. Dashel doesn't get as high as other henchmen when focusing but minimum damage is what you are usually doing anyway. With stones for rams and cheating a high ram to hit, Dashel can put a dent in most models. Slowing is also super good vs models with flurry and he has that built in.

The main problem is that almost noone can do anything after the enemy has engaged you and as you say - riflemen die very easily.

I'm not 100% sure what your conditions for playing were - did you intend to only use guardsmen or would you consider any models out in plastic? Without proxying from wave 3 and proxying wardens you are probably going to have to work hard to get Lucius to work. Freikorp trappers are one of his staples but they are only available in the von schill box so you need to proxy at least one of them. I have heard good things about ronin who are also outcast mercs.

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