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Outcasts and mercenaries


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So I have painted a few outcasts now and I think they deserve their own thread. So here it is!

I just finished painting a Hired Swords crew for my friend Hannes :)


Oh and here are a few outcast mercs I painted and posted earlier






My first entry in the Iron Painter contest of 2015



Johana counts as




Freikorps Trapper



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Love your Hired Swords. Aside the good painting, I want to praise the color choices: I like how you have kept a consistent color scheme for the 3 Ronins, and one for the 2 Sisters. I've faced them very recently for the first time, and my opponent painted them all different. This made a bit harder for me, not familiar with the models, to keep track of who where who from across the table, beside the obvious hammer wielding one and the midget :)
Your color choice is somewhat more fair for the opponent. Well done. :)

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The cyan strikes again! It works really well with the magenta to create a really good colour scheme for the Hired Swords.

I really like your Johana proxy as well - flesh and face in particular are wonderful! I assume she is made from the TTB multi-part plastics? Would you recommend them for creating other such proxies? I can't seem to actually find what parts and weapons are in the kits.

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Midget? It's a child xD

Thanks everyone! :D

Yeah Mister Feral, I just really like cyan and turquoise xD The ttb kits are good. The female kit has weir proportions though, kinda like the ronin, super long legs and tiny torsos. I removed a little bit from her legs and they're still really long. The male kit has better proportions. But yeah they're great for making counts as models. You can easily make a rotten belle or doxy, a performer, gunslingers, gunsmiths, latigo pistoleros, guild autopsy, union miners, Tuco etc :)
I used a brass rod and a hammer head from warhammer for Johana though. There wasn't a relic hammer in the kits which I found a little odd. The models often get kinda boring poses but you can modify them :)

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