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problem making an ability


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I'm struggling to find the best way to represent an ability a friend of mine is trying to create for her character. She wants someone who has a variety of different special mechanical arrows to use with her bow (steampunk hawkeye, essentially). I was thinking of tinkerer with the sorcery magia being elemental projectile. She would then have the focus immuto (bows) and a variety of other immuto to represent the variety of different arrows. However, I can't find a way to make it so the focus immunto has to be used when the elemental projectile magia is used. I also can't find a way to make the spell use grace + archery for it's casting/attack flip. I know these can be done if the ability is a manifested power, but the player kind of wants to start with her trick arrows, plus the manifested power trick arrow can't have variable immuto to represent different kinds of arrows. So is there a way to do this I'm just missing, or is it impossible to represent this ability in TTB?

*Or would it be better make the trick arrows as mundane arrows (like the barbed and piped arrows) and have her take something else as her sorcery magia?

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I wonder if you've gotten stuck between two different concepts:

  1. A magic bow which the person learns how to use to produce different effects.  Thus the bow is a required focus, and the rest is just different effects.
  2. The player crafting (or using magic to produce) different magic bombs and the bow is just used as delivery mechanism.  Maybe even having a magic quiver which the player uses to create and hold the different effect arrows. 
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The character would be based around the Tinker pursuit. I was thinking something along the lines of hawkeye with his quiver full of trick arrows. The game doesn't have much in the way of special arrows (just barbed and piped) so I figured magia was a way to go for things like fire arrows, ice arrows, poison arrows, etc. I just can't figure out a way to make it work using magia

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