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What the future brings... for daniello_s of course :D


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With Hamelin and few models supporting him nearly done I have all Outcast masters except Misaki which I'm not planning to have.

So it is a good time to think what's next.  I'm currently considering two options:

1. Expand the darkest side of the Outcasts aka Levi with a bunch of models he can hire thanks to Pariahs upgrades

2. Start a fresh new faction which probably would be the funniest one - Gremlins.


Option 1 would allow me to stay true to my Outcasts family and get a great fun of using other factions favourites toys like Ryle or Rotten Belles. The downside of this option is that I might get trapped in Levi's aura which basically means I will play him and only him for loooong time as he will give me tons of new options and joy.

Option 2 would drag me out of the Outcasts and possible torn me apart when I'll have to finally choose between both factions.


So what do you think? What would you do if you were in my position? :D

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If I had similar choice, I would focus on my free time. If you have time to play and paint Gremlins, you can go Option 2.
If currently you don't have time for Outcasts, adding Gremlins may be a problem, so Option 1.

I don’t know if you tried this, but maybe there is a player who will swap her/his Gremlin collection for yours Outcasts? It’s option 3 :P



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