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Terrain for Models?


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I am wondering if anyone is interested in ground tiles in 1x1ft, 2x2ft done in cobblestone, flagstone, or brick. They can be made from foam core, 1/4in insulation, or 1/2in insulation (I use the study stuff so if only it dents not brakes).  I am moving away from doing wargaming tables for Warhammer and the like and would like to do something more, for a lack of a better term pretty. I can back them with wood, or  show you how to do it to save on shipping. If you are interested please just ask anytime.

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This first one is a pair of 2ft x18in custom build for a customer who wanted to display his Halloween Village and Play games as well. He came to me only because around where I live people know I enjoy making this stuff. So Before I get into maybe my own small hobby business I wanted to see if people are even interested.

The Second one is a prototype I am in the possess of working out. The section you see is a brick layout I made from a ridge casting shape on top of foam core. I have also found that it works well on insulation. My personal stuff in all made of pink insulation(for durability) and hot knives.  I love to discuss making peoples villages come to life so hit me up anytime, if I do end up with my own business I want to be known for helping people make something the can pass on, keep around, and someone that care what their guest wants. If you look me up in the Gallery you will see some of my other work.

I hope this helped





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