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North, South, East and West


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So, I'm trying to sort out the themes of the directions for a LARP I'm running (yeah, I'm crazy, it's working, I'll see how it goes).

I'm planning on assigning North as a Tome/Arcane-style deck (in terms of Into The Steam/Northern Aggression and the New Industrial Zone in-city), and I'm guessing South is Crows (because of Deadwalks City - but I'm also tending a bit towards East because of the Bayou/Decay). East could be Masks (because of Quarantine Zone). South could be Rams (Guild because Ortega, but then that could be Masks because Nephilim), making West Rams/Guild (because the main control comes in from the SW in Malifaux).

Am I entirely confusing myself, and should I be operating on a NE, NW, SW, SE model in Malifaux, and cordial directions outside or what?


Please help?

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