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Need Advice on Crews before Gaining Grounds Tournament


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Hello All.

My LGS is having a 50ss Gaining Grounds tournament this Saturday. The strategies and schemes are as follows:

Round 1: Deployment: Flank/ Strategy: Guard the Stash/ Schemes: A Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Bodyguard, Plant Evidence, Deliver a Message

Round 2: Deployment: Standard/ Strategy: Reconnoiter/ Schemes: A Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Protect Territory, Distract, Murder Protege

Round 3: Deployment: Standard/ Strategy: Squatters Rights/ Schemes: A Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Distract, Cursed Object, Spring the Trap


So I have access to Mei Feng, Ramos, Marcus, Rasputina, and Kaeris for my crews and here is what I was thinking of doing.

For Round One go with a Mei Feng Crew consisting of Kang, Emberling, Rail Workers and Metal Gamin. Kang would be good to bodyguard and then Deliver a Message/Assassinate depending on my opponent's crew. Mei Feng should let me get those pretty easily.

For Round two I feel like I have two options. 1. Going with a Ramos crew consisting of Joss and Howard and a bunch of spiders and using the spiders to breakthrough while Joss and Howard Murder Protege. Option 2. Going with a Rasputina Crew of Ice golemn, windigo, ice gamin and a couple december acolytes, using the acolytes and windigo to breakthrough, and using the frozen heart people to protect territory. Since they are so slow, having to stay back isnt hard for them. Im not sure which option would be better.

For Round Three I was planning on using a Kaeris crew of Eternal Flame, Firestarter, Rail Golem, and lots of fire gamin. The overall plan would be choose cursed object and line in the sand, then use wings of fire to zoom my gamin around dropping scheme markers and cursing my opponent's minions. Kaeris and rail golemn would kill whatever tried to claim the squatter's rights markers.


Thats kind of the gist of what Im going for. Please let me know if you can think of better options or flaws in my plan. I appreciate any and all advice. Have a great day.

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Not sure i'd take mei feng when assasinate/deliver a message are in the pool. I havent played as marcus but imagine support marcus could be decent for round one with gupps/silurid to deliver the message for you or kaeris with a similar crew to what you were going with for mei feng, joss instead of kang maybe.

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Mei feng can't deliver a message. Using her in a scheme pool that contains assasinate and Deliver a message is possibly trouble, since a lot of what she does is engage lots of enemy models. 

Of course you might double bluff them, and hope they've picked both, and that by keeping her away from the enemy they can't really score.

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