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Sensei Yu's "Airburst" ability (and other's alike)

Rurouni Benshin

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Hi all,

Just wondering about what the ability can target.  We know that attack actions can target friendly models, but can they target the model making the attack?  I've heard that attack actions must target other models.  I was then told that because "Airburst" is a Cast Action, Sensei Yu can target himself with it.  The Captain's "Airburst" is similarly worded.

So I guess my question is: Can Sensei Yu target himself with "Airburst"? 

Thanks everyone!

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Rules manual p38. Attack actions can never target the attacking model. So no, Yu may not Airburst himself. "Cast" actions (that use the Ca stat) are no different from Ml or Sh actions other than their type identifier and how that interacts with some other abilities (like Incorporeal or Bulletproof eg). It's the difference between Attack and Tactical action types that matters for targeting, as well as action-specific wording (such as "target other model" for some tactical actions).

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