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CaptainCon 2016 ... It's Coming Early! Feb. 5 - 7 2016 Warwick, RI


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Captain Con 2016 Feb. 5 - 7 2016

Malifaux Events All Weekend


Where:  Crowne Plaza, Warwick, RI
When:  Friday, February 5 to Sunday, February 7, 2016
What:  3 days of around-the-clock tabletop gaming

That's right Malifaux-ers CaptainCon is back again. For the 3rd year, however, this year we were lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to take over the old TempleCon event venue and dates! This is great news as we will be able to start the year off with some GREAT Malifaux Events and Tournaments. We also planning to bring Through the Breach sessions to CaptainCon in the special RPG area that has grown the past two years.

We have more details to come but for now all you need to know is that ticket sales are available. Registration is Open NOW (http://captaincon.com/shop/), and 3-day badges are $40, they will go up as the date gets closer until it reaches $60 at the door. So you've been warned. Hotel con prices are available and they've already opened up a second block, and can expand to hotels locally which are reachable by a free shuttle to/from the event venue if you can't stay at the Crowne Plaza.

Closest airport is <2miles away and also reachable via taxi or free shuttle.

We are still working through event times and schedule and information will be up on the website soon. Once you have a badge you will be able to pre-register for any of the events. The plan is for that to be available before Thanksgiving! We also have some other special things planned, so stay tuned!

For now the following events are planned, here is a link to pre-register for events (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/captaincon-2016-events-registration-registration-19270489553?ref=ebtn):

  • Dedicated demo area
  • 50ss Gaining Grounds 2016 Standard Tournament
  • 50ss Gaining Grounds 2016 Single-Elimination Tournament
  • Story Encounter
  • Henchman Hardcore
  • Malifaux Pig Hunt Scenario
  • Malifaux Quick and Fated Scenario
  • TENTATIVELY: Through the Breach RPG session

Stay Tuned for more to come, but SPREAD THE WORD, Share via Twitter/Facebook (New England Malifaux and AWP please)/Email and of course during your local weekly events. Let's grow on the success of last year!

The Henchman who are involved in organizing events this year are:

Edited by PeregrineFalcon
added link to pre-reg for events and list of Henchmen helping
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So in for the whole thing this time, and I am gonna preregister!  I think we're gonna try to roll deep with a whole Western Mass. crew too.  With shirts!  I really appreciate the Tabletop Games crowd for the shirts.


That's quite a few Malifaux events, but is there any room for Shifting Loyalties campaign play?

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I am toying with the idea of making the story encounter into a mini shifting loyalties campaign. Ill let you know for sure by the end of the week, but I think it could be really fun. 

I think this would be great. I do believe in general it is something people are going to want more and more. Even if only 3 rounds or something. Maybe someday we can spread something out over the weekend even.

As a general comment once the schedule gets finalized with the CaptainCon crew well make sure to link/share it.

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2 minutes ago, Breng77 said:

As it says the Tournament is Gaining Grounds 2016, I assume we are using the 2016 strategy rotation, will we also be using the new schemes?

@Drool_bucket is the TO for the Saturday Gaining Grounds event, he'll have to chime in on the final decision. Last I heard his plan for Saturday's Avatar qualifier was to run 2016 Strats rotation, but with 2015 schemes (do not quote me on this, as its his call). Than Sunday's Avatar would run GG2016 Schemes (not sure on strats).

But this is a very good question, and we'll get an answer sooner rather than later, as people need to be prepared.

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Rules pack has been made available for GG on Sat and can be found here. Most important parts are the list of strategies/deployments and schedule. The rest is boilerplate stuff. You should have received an email from the TO (@Drool_bucket). There are 36 pre-reg and a few left so please pull in a few of your friends to make this the biggest Malifaux event in New England.

See you all Fri - Sun!

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Thanks to all who attended. It was a fantastic event. Kevin, Manny, Ian, and Brad all did a fantastic job TO-ing. Thanks for Mike Smith and Matt Perry, and all the others who helped prepare terrain! I don't have the results from all of the other events ran, but they were very well attended and I was happy to see the Malifaux attendance grow even bigger than years past!

The farewell to Gaining Grounds 2015 saw 34 players on Saturday, and the top 8 competing in a single elimination on Sunday.  Results below (some of the Faction listings are wrong, for example I played NB). A lot of new blood from the old WHFB group showed up in force and the top 4 Sunday were all ETC WHFB guys so just shows they're presence can't be ignored at Malifaux events going forward, great / professional competitors all of them!

Congratulations to Matt Cassidy who won both Saturday and Sunday's event, confirming he truly was the 'best' of the weekend and wins the first Golden Ticket (Gracie) to the NoVA Open National Malifaux Tournament.  If you want to track down more photos checkout #CaptainCon on Twitter.

Bracket's Sunday were:

Round 1

  1. Matt v. Rhys @rhysmcdo
  2. Alex v. James
  3. Blaine @Aluwin @ v. Arash @Arash_Suri
  4. Travis v. Adam H. @PeregrineFalcon

Round 2

  1. Matt v. Travis
  2. Arash v. Alex

Round 3

  1. Matt v. Arash

And here are Saturdays, results....


All participants Sunday received a pint glass for qualifying.


and our winner after 8 hard fought games! Mr. Cassidy! Well done.


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