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Tormented, gotta get 'm all!

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The Guilty look far more troublesome to put together than they in fact are. There are some very small parts that you do not want to drop (mainly the electricity). The parts fit together remarkably well though some filling might be preferable to achive a truly seamless finish.

I did mount the guy on the bed and the electric chair on a small stand to give them a less static pose by adding some angle.

The Hanged made me sweat a lot more, the ropes are very thin and the rope on 1 of them consists of 2 parts. Connecting the two rope ends worked well but the connection is at best very fragile...

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I must say I am having a lot of fun painting this crew. After these are finished I will start add  a Nurse, Crooked Men and I am hoping to get (the plastic) Papa Loco somewhere. Unfortunately it is looking as if the Drowned will not be released before the end of this year...

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Finished Jack Daw. I used day glow pigments for the glowing effect. The pigments look a bit more harsh in this than they really are. Also added some very dilluted pigments to the snow, whch I feel really worked out quite well.

With Jacky Daw finished I only have the guilty strapped on the bed left from the starterset who needs a slab of paint. Allready assembled some crooked men, a nurse and 2 convict gunslingers too "hang out" with Jack and his mates.



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I made a very concentrated black wash and applied this on the ropes carefully after finished the pants and skin, after that I used a very fine brush to paint them brown. The contrast gets real good this way and it is an allmost effordless way to make the most out of them I feel.


For now:



And the first of the 2 convict gunslingers:



Up next will be the second CG and a nurse.

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