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Sacramento, CA Randys House of Games October events!


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We will be holding a Henchman Hardcore Tournement on the 24th round one starts at 11 store opens at 10. $5.00 buy in for prize support.


Wyrd Official Henchman Hardcore Format

Henchman Hardcore is a tournament version of Malifaux which focuses on quick, brutal decision making. It is perfect 

for a group which wants to face a new challenge and experiment with Malifaux in a slightly different environment. The 

key differences between Henchman Hardcore and regular Malifaux are the reduced game size (20 Soulstones) and 

the fact that all Crews must be led by a Henchman. Due to the emphasis on speed it may not be the best format for 

new players, but this can be overcome by adjusting the round times to the needs of your group.

Henchman Hardcore is different from standard Malifaux in the following ways:

•     All Crews must be led by a Henchman, not a Master.

•     The game size is 20 Soulstones.

•     All Crews must contain exactly 4 models, no more, no less.

•     Upgrades may be purchased, as allowed by the standard rules of Malifaux.

•     The size of a Crew’s Soulstone Pool is limited by the Cache of the Henchman leading it; any Soulstones 

above this amount are discarded.

•     Any Actions, Abilities, or Triggers which summon models are considered to be “blank” (they may not be 

used and have no effect on the game, as if they were not printed on the model).

•     Only one Scheme will be available.

•     The same Crew must be used in each round of the event.

All rounds use the following set up:

•     Deployment: Close.

•     Strategy: Hardcore Turf War. This Strategy uses the Turf War rules 

(Core Rulebook pg. 66) with the exception that VP may be scored on the 

•     Scheme Pool: Assassinate (Core Rulebook pg. 68). This is the only 

Scheme available and it must always be taken.

Tournament Rules

Use Gaining Grounds to determine pairings and score the 

event to determine the winner. Only the round times 

are different from the Gaining Grounds tournament 

•     All round times are 30 minutes.

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