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rasputina and blast!

Luca 2.0

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hey guys, i've a question for u. If i have rasputina that shoots on target A which is near target B, assuming that i make a several damage it means i make 2 blast .

If this 2 blast are both on tharget B i did him  double damage so 4 plus 4? now assuming that the target has amor 2 and i give burning contidion thx to the effige how it works?

i consider the 2 blast as a single damage so 8 damage -2 and burning +1, or i make 4-2 damage plus burning +1 twice for a total of 4 damage and burning +2?

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Models touched by 1 or more blasts take 1 step down.  So any model hit by Rasputina's blast on Severe damage will only take 4 damage.  Not 4 for each marker touching.

So with an armor 2 model hit by the blast and the effigy, you will do 2 damage, and burning 1 if they do not discard a card.

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i'm agree but rules said only the first  model can't being hit more than one! what i mean is that if shoot on A and target B takes the 2 blasts how it works? because rules tells that only the first model hit can't be damaged more than one! I'm reading on the beta rules maybe they receive some changes?

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Then the problem is that you're reading the beta rules text and the final rules text tells you something else.  ;)

:blast:blast doesn't mean that you resolve it as two separate :blast effects.  :blast:blast means that you put down two blast markers and then

All models whose bases are touched or overlapped by one or more Blast Markers are affected, unless the model is more than 3" above or below the blast's target.

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