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'Sins of the North' part of: 'Fated Festival' 25/06/16


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Hi all,

 'Kings of the North' has been cancelled. However in association with flipside gaming café I have agreed to run a Malifaux Story Encounter day on the 25/06/16 regardless along other systems such as X-wing and Guildball in a replacement weekend event called Fated Festival.

The venue will remain the same and on-site accommodation will still be available. The address is below:

Moor House Adventure Centre

Houghten Le Spring



Tickets are £15 a day or £20 if you want residential, so £30 or £40 if you want two days. 

Accommodation is dorm, so about 4 to a dorm and you need to bring a sleeping bag. Imagine youth hostel and I don't think you'll be far wrong.

Please send payment to Sales@worhamma.com as a gift. Please include your name, email address, which days you are planning to attend (which events you wish to attend), whether you are residential and any allergies or etc that we need to be aware of in the notes.  

We would love as many of you as possible to come and show your support. It would be greatly appreciated.

Link to the Facebook event:


As for the event itself: 

Details for Sunday available here 

for Sins of the North:

Players will need to earn clues to unlock three different puzzles. Firstly, who killed the Don, head of the largest of Malifaux's crime families. Secondly, a treasure hunt where you and try and locate where the Mafia smuggles its precious cargo. Finally, enter gaps between dimensions and try and discover which of Malifaux's Tyrants has hidden itself in the Rift. 

The games will be fixed faction and Master, 50ss, models don't have to be fully painted but you will get a bonus for the event if your crews are and winning best painted, and proxies are allowed on the proviso that you need to agree things with your opponent and I can ban you from using a model if you take the mickey (feel free to contact me if you are not sure). Rulespack attached to this post.

The event is no longer limited to 18 places!

Please post if interested or registered to attend!


Entrants List:

1. Marifaux (Paid)

2. Marcus Rose (paid) 

3.Ross Baker (paid)

4. Paul Campbell (paid)

5.Greg P.(paid)

6. Andrew Newton (paid)

7. Mike Marshall (paid)

8. Stephen Gibson (paid)

9. David Johnson (Paid)

10. Nate Zettle (paid)

11.Panzer (Paid)

12. David Golden (paid)







You can find the rules pack below 


story campaign.pdf


story campaign.docx

New Schemes and Strats.docx

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I have now updated my previous plans for each table to include the new schemes from Gaining Grounds 2016

I know there is some contention about the Dreamer and Leveticus and the scheme 'neutralize their leader', but I can confirm that this scheme is not being used on any of the tables so no one should feel like they can't use whatever Master they wanted. 

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*Details no longer relevant to event*


This is a message I have not wanted to write, but sadly ticket sales for Kings of the North 2016 have not meet expectations.
Despite paying for advertisements and some aggressive marketing, we have hit a brick wall and sales for events other than Warhammer 40k have been quite poor.

So I have had to take the reluctant decision to cancel all events other than the Warhammer 40k GT, something I really didn't want to do.

Because of this we are now moving our venue to the Croxdale Community Centre and holding the tournament on the 26th June.
Those that have purchased a ticket for anything other than the Warhammer 40k GT will be asked if they wish to transfer their ticket to this, or a full and prompt refund.

The Warhammer 40k GT is shaping up to be a brilliant event and we just got some prize sponsorship from Kromlech today, so I hope those that want to join us can and have an amazing time.

Whereas last year I was in a position to subsidise any loss we made, this year I am unable to do so, hence this announcement. I tried to make the ticket prices more affordable as the biggest complaint last year was that the ticket prices were too high, so I cut costs to the bone in order to try and respond to this criticism. However this has proven to have little impact on people buying tickets.

I have also will admit to having had reduced time to devote to the event recently due to some family issues, my nana has needed some additional care and support following a fall, which in turn has taken up a lot of my time as we arrange things for her to help her to continue to cope living independently as she enters her 86th year.

When I first organised Kings of the North back in October 2014, I had hoped to start an event that could one day grow to be a UK equivalent to the amazing US multi-system events like Adepticon or the Las Vegas Open, sadly it seems my ideas are bigger than my ability to deliver.

I am sorry I haven't been able to deliver the event, I am sorry I have let you down, I hope to try again in 2017, but right now I am going to concentrate on delivering the best 40k tournament I can.

Kind Regards,

Michael Botterill 


I just got this message as part of a blanket communication. I am really sorry, I am in the dark as much as you. I will try and run the story event anyway, but I need a little time to work out when is available/best.

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2 minutes ago, OldManMyke said:

K, you guys always support me so only fair I support you - whats the details for getting a ticket

That's fantastic Mike, really appreciated. I don't want to give payment details out yet as we haven't 100% confirmed cost (it should be the same as Kings-of-the-north would have been) but I should be able to get back to you today.

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1 minute ago, ProximoCoal said:

That's fantastic Mike, really appreciated. I don't want to give payment details out yet as we haven't 100% confirmed cost (it should be the same as Kings-of-the-north would have been) but I should be able to get back to you today.

Yes, thank you very much Mike

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