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Ht 1 Sniper Vantage Point with wall


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Okay, so how exactly does LOS work with Rami Lacroix (or any ht 1 gremlin) who is standing on a vantage point (ht 3) but has a wall in front of him? I am building this piece of terrain and its themed to a gremlin base. I want any sniper hanging out up there to get cover but it would be silly if he can't see anyone bellow him. What do you guys think? 

I tried to include a picture but the forums aren't letting me. 

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Where's the wall?  Is it on the vantage point scenery (at the same height) or is it below the model?  And how tall is the target model?

Keep in mind:

When the acting model is on (or is targeting a model on) vantage point terrain, then LoS lines must be drawn diagonally, rather than using a top down view.

followed by:

Terrain that is equal to or less than the Ht of the lower model is ignored for LoS (but not cover).

Any LoS lines which pass over the base of blocking terrain (which isn't otherwise ignored) at a point within the terrain's Ht are considered blocked.


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The wall is part of the vantage point terrain. Imagine a watch tower with a rim around it for protection. 

Either you're drawing line of sight to them because they're more than one inch away from the wall; or they're tall enough that the wall doesn't matter; or you can't see them because being close enough to the wall to get cover means all of the lines of sight are blocked by the wall.

If you want cover from that terrain for your sniper, you're going to have a blind spot around the base of your sniper nest.


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The clarifying question you should be asking yourself is "is this a Ht 1 wall on top of a ht 3 tower?" or "is this a Ht 3 tower with a Ht 4 lip".  If A, then you ignore it when shooting Ht 2 dudes on the ground because you ignore Ht 1 obstacles when shooting at Ht 2 things.  If B, then you don't get to ignore that wall because it's higher then your vantage point...  So you won't be able to see over the wall, I think.  Vantage points and adding Heights are still something I struggle with.  Do Hts even add?  I forget.

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Not sure I should even be venturing into this topic because when I hear vantage point and LoS and cover all in one sentence my brain goes fuzzy, but if the idea is to have the sniper in cover.. couldn't you just declare the whole of the snipers nest (whether it's an actual shelter or just the small patch of elevated ground he's standing on) as soft cover, having nothing to do with the wall? Model the wall as less than an inch tall so that it's there and looks good, but defines as a height of 0 and purely ornamental with no terrain traits. But it's there, it looks like it's there, and he's in cover. The LoS lines still go through the cover, which your guy is certainly within.

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