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Fauxmaha 2015 (Photo Heavy)


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Fauxmaha 2015 was a big success! We were hoping for a few more players, but I'm sure we will double in size next year. First off, a special thanks to prize support donated by:

Mayhem Collectibles, Inc                                 Dragons Lair Comics                           Michael O., Victoria H., Tim M., Antonio M., Daniel P.    


7500 University Ave                                           2227 N 91st Plaza


Clive, IA 50325                                                   Omaha, NE 68134




Mats By Mars




We were really thankful for all the help we had with prizes! 




Fauxmaha was held at Nuke-Con in Omaha, NE at the Ramada Convention Center. It was held by myself, Victoria, and LordZombie. We had a large room that we shared with a few other gamers, but mostly had it to ourselves. Friday night we had Open-Play where we had about 8 players show up to hang out for a bit. Sunday we had an awesome Cabin in the Woods Style Story Encounter with MORE prizes!

Saturday was the Masters starting at 12:30. It was 50ss, Fixed Faction, 3 Rounds, and a lot of fun! We had 16 players that came out from Nebraska, Iowa, and Texas! Raffle tickets were awarded for playing the game, an additional one for tying, and an additional two for winning. We also awarded Black Joker damage flips a ticket (occurred 17 times). We had ALL SEVEN FACTIONS represented (with the Ringer playing Gremlins) with the largest showing from Neverborn and Arcanists. We had former champions of major tournaments battling it out on our tables. We had an amazing time and we thank everyone who could make it out!

All of our games were played on Mats By Mars mats. Making everything so much easier to measure and deploy.They also donated three mats for our raffle!!

Round One was: 



Deployment- Flank




Scheme Pool


Line in the Sand






Power Ritual



and we had

Ramos vs Levi

Jack Daw vs Mei

Levi vs Lillith

Mei vs Sonnia

Kaeris vs Lynch

Collidi vs Seamus

VonSchill vs Raspy

Lillith vs Pandy


Round Two was:

Strategy- Collect the Bounty  


Deployment- Corner




Scheme Pool


Line in the Sand








Frame for Murder

and we had:

Lynch vs Collidi

Misaki vs Lillith

Jack vs Pandy

Marcus vs Raspy

Pandy vs Levi

Sonnia vs Marcus

Seamus vs Raspy

VonSchill vs Tara


Round Three was:




Deployment- Standard




Scheme Pool


Line in the Sand




Protect Territory


Take Prisoner


Plant Explosives



and we had:

Raspy vs Levi

Lucas vs Kaeris

Lillith vs Collodi

Raspy vs Lynch

Jack vs Ramos

Collodi vs Tara

VonSchill vs Lillith

Sonnia vs Ulix (Ringer)

Our Master of Malifaux was Knotted Dreads who won first place! Neverborn


Michael placed 2nd! Neverborn


and Jon placed 3rd! Neverborn



We had a great time! Raffles were limited to two items per person and we had about 22 raffle prizes. 

Our tables were awesome! Plast Craft, scratch built, and kits were used to deck our tables in style! Here are some pictures:

















We hope to see you all next year! 




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5/16 Neverborn

4/16 Arcanist

4/16 Outcast

1/16 Guild

1/16 Resser

1/16 10T

Ringer when one player dropped to go to a wedding was a Gremlin.


As far as placing went for first through seventh it was Neverborn x3, Arcanist x2, Outcastx2. Which representing most of the tourney is what I assumed. Just thought it would mix up a little bit haha. 

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