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Nythera Campaign @ Games of Berkeley (10/8/2015)

Sancho of Rime

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Date 10/8/2015

Time: 1pm-9pm

Events: Nythera Campaign, Learn to Play

Campaign Day: Week 5!(join on right in, we love more people)


Howdy ho my friendly Malifolks!

Come one and come all to the Games of Berkeley! We're right across from the downtown Berkeley BART station! We'll be there this upcoming Thursday(10/8) at 1pm all the way till 9 pm! Play some Malifaux and have some fun with a awesome fun time group. Are you new? Wanna learn how to play? We've got a nice set up with the starter box if you wanna to have a nice demo game, or even bring a friend if you want to play with a friend of yours if you're a shy type. 

Don't play in the campaign yet? Well what's keeping you? It's a great way to add a awesome variety to your casual game. Atop of all of that you get to be a part of the ongoing world wide event! Join on in as any faction and have some fun. If you're looking some people to play, we've got a nice amount of Guild and Neverborn and the solitary Outcast(that's me). 

Want to grow your collection? Well, that's a silly question of course you do. We've got the best stock in the bay area down at Games of Berkeley. By far the most comprehensive anywhere near a BART stop or transit of any sort. Metal models on sale! 

Good travels my friends! Come on down and we'll see you on the other side of the breach my friends. 


(this time I got the date right!)

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