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Long live the Dead - A ressers collected paintjobs.


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Sebastian's face is so rich and layered.  It really pops!  Very impressive.  I also love the faces on the Ashigaru and Crooked Men.  I would give my right hand to be able to do faces that well... though then I couldn't hold a model to paint it, which might cause its own problems... but I digress...

I also think you did a lovely job with the spatter on Bete - it transitions from red to white very well.  Quite striking!


Overall I really like the way you do your highlights and washes.  Crisp and clean, and not too strong or OTT.


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Thanks Guys!

Thallghost: Yeah i was looking for a Carrie (Stephen King) or The Bride (kill bill) Kinda feal for the model. To many versions looking the same around :)

Haunter: Cheers! =) Sebastians face whent very well. The face itself (model) is very rich so painting it was both fun and interesting.

Viruk: Thanks, Will do, ive got some more painted up that i will take better pictures of and post abit later. At the moment im painting the new Dead Rider.

Slapdrone: Sorry for a lackluster answer but im actually using a random assortement of colors and brands. I have alot of GW since i used to play warhammer back in the day and GW was the normal brand to go to. I acually have some very old GW paints about 20 years old still alive and kicking. Recently ive got alot mor armypainter and vallejo colors though.

Paints i could not live without are:
Blood for the Blood god (GW techical color) Its amazing and the blood effects fit perfectly to Wyrds miniatures.
Dark Tone/Soft Tone (Army Painters washes for shadow-effects, super good paints if you want quick shadows. i use it all the time.


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Good morning (its morning in sweden)

I painted this little fella yesterday. Someone said he was the offspring of The Hulk and Slimer from ghostbusters :)
I experimented abit with two valejjo Game Color "Scorpion Green" and "Dark Green" Im about to paint up some Sorrows later so i decided to practice on my Grave Spirit.

This was the result.. a very green Grave Spirit. Hope you like him anyways



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Ive finaly finished my Izamu the Armor. He took quite a while to paint (like 3 normal sized miniatures) alot of fun details i got to experiment abit on to get it right. As usuall ive worked with brown shading on blue and metal for a more worn look.




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You do insanely nice paint jobs. And in the right faction too. Keep em coming good sir! 

Thanks alot zFiend! Glad you like my work!

Oh and if you plan to visit Stockholm by any chance give me a mess, it would be fun to get a match with you so i Can learn how to use the minatures aswell ^^


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Ooh Bloodwretch! The purples on both of them look lovely!

How are the starter set models anyway?

Thanks man, they are quite nice, The Pose on the shotgun-nephilim is abit oldschool though ^^ Ive still not decided if i should paint him as pippi longstockings just for fun or not.. (Those horns kinda look like her hair i think)

Cheers mate!


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I am jealous to say the least.... mine sucks so hard in comparison... especially because I have always trouble with lighting on small parts like the faces and fingers :/

Any general advise for that?

Also I would like to know what kind of pencil size you use for that fine details... maybe its my not perfect sight but I can barely make out this lines without a magnifing glass ...not even talking about painting them...

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