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Malifaux History/Lore/Fluff


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I am sorry to post this in both the Malifaux and TTB boards, but there might be some people that are only active in one.


I am getting ready to start a TTB game and I want to learn as much about the history of Malifaux as possible. I remember ready some items about the Neverborn, the rebellion, December, etc. in the first edition books but everything is so cryptic and spread out.

Has anyone created a wiki dedicated to the "fluff" of the world.  Pullmyfinger is great for tactics, but I really would love to read more about who these people are.

Thank you for any help in directing me.  

I am really interested in the rebellion of the younger Neverborn against the older powers.

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Between the fated almanac, the fatemasters almanac, wyrd chronicles and breachside broadcast there is a wealth of fluff for the various factions. Pullmyfinger has some fliff but from what I've seen, wyrd chronicles (free from drive thru rpg) and the breachside broadcasts might be your best bet.

That said, if anyone gets around to compiling a novel or a collection of short stories i would be throwing money at it...

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There's two resources which are great:

The Breachside Broadcast is a really well-read series of podcasts that go through the short stories that presented presented in the various books, but isn't quite complete yet. http://www.breachsidebroadcast.com/

There's also a character/fluff index over here, if you want specific info on a character/Master:

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