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Unboxing Malifaux - 'M2E Starter Set'


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any fluff in the book?

A little bit.  There are four diary/log book entries scattered about which give a bit of context to the encounters.

Otherwise, the background material for the models in the starter set is in Shifting Loyalties.

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Those look massively better than the renders. Box jumped up from "probably buy" to "absolutely, definitely buy."

Actually.. Quite the contrary for me, those models looked really good and nice in the Renders and Art but as models.. Ugh. Not good. The tape measures being such cheap looking throw 'em in's as well I think this box went from I'm gonna buy it to a nooooooope. I was thinking of halving it with a Neverborn buyer so I'd get the Guild side, but after seeing this unboxing and those models and the content closer this dropped out of my buy list.

Great unboxing again Gmort! You do great work! 

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I don't think I'll be going for this box either, be it for the Guild or Neverborn models. While the flavor is there with the Asylum models, the scuplts are ...lacking somewhat for me. Also, they don't bring much, if anything I would need. So nope. Pass on this one.

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