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Alternate Coryphee Idea

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So nothing against the Coryphee models, but I had a cool idea. Considering Colette's flavor for running crews as different shows, I thought I'd find/make some Blues Brothers-esque models and give them a smattering of spikes and blades. Conceptually, they'd be the start of a Rhythm & Blues show crew.

Thus begins my quest. I know I've seen some Blues Brothers minis somewhere online, but I've had no luck in finding them again. I'm looking for suggestions.
Really, all I need are two male models in suits. I'm fairly handing with greenstuff (enough to make ties, sunglasses, and fedoras if needed), so I figured this would be easy. The problem is I keep finding models with long coats. Who would have ever thought my long coat fetish as a good sci-fi/urban fantast fan would betray me!?

So folks, any suggestions on a few suited male models, preferably in some interesting motion poses?
Or, for some Wyrd specific possibilities, does anybody know if the TTB male box has a few options that might work? Or, even better, if there are pictures of the sprues anywhere?
Any help or suggestions are very much appreciated. 

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I think the problem with using a smattering of "spikes and blades" for the Coryphee would be differentiating any mannequins in your crew from the coryphee.  In the standard models, it pretty much comes down to the mannequins having relatively small finger blades, and the coryphee having those huge scythe arms.

As for decent pictures of what's on the multi-part sprues and what you can make with them, GMort's unboxing has good images:  http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/unboxing-malifaux-multi-part-minis.html

I think you only get two long coats per male multi-part set, and you have to do a bit of seam removal or dissolving if you want the coats to look perfect.

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Thanks so much for the unboxing link, that helps tremendously.
As to differentiating my Blues Coryphee from the mannequins, that should be pretty simple. Only the Coryphee will be the Blues Brothers. The other mannequins will be playing instruments or something. Though now that I think about it, scythe-handed Blues Brothers would be no problem either.

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