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Sancho of Rime

Nythera Campaign @ Games of Berkeley

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Date: 9/10/2015

Time: 1pm - 9pm

Events: Nythera Campaign

Campaign Day: Week 3!(though please join right in at any stage!)


Howdy ho my friendly Malifolks!


Come one and come all to the Games of Berkeley! Right across the street from the Downtown Berkeley BART station this Thursday!(September 10th) at 1pm all the way till 9 to join in on the fun! Play some Malifaux with a fun loving and passionate group. Are you new? We've got plenty of space and I would personally love to show you the gallows(...because.. ropes.. and Jack Daw just came out...). Already know how to play? Well come on in and get some games in. Play the campaign or get a normal game in if you don't wanna join in on that awesome fun.

Don't play the campaign yet? Well what's keeping you. Come on down and jump right in. No matter how far along you are you can always jump in and the campaign does a great job of balancing itself out. At this point you would start with a 45 SS arsenal. Join as any faction, we will have people for you to play. 

Want to grow you collection? Well.. that's a silly question of course you do. We've got all manners of things in stock at Games of Berkeley, by far the most comprehensive collection anywhere near a BART stop. Metal models 50% off! Come and get those old metal crews before everyone else does(they are going quick). Support the brick and mortar stores that love you so much.  

Good travels my friends and I will see you on the other-side of the Breach! If you've any questions please ask here or send me a message. Until I see you on Thursday. Long Live the Sign of the Rose

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Your dates are off. We are past 9/10.  If anyone is looking to get Nythera games in, the next time my group will be open to play will most likely be October 4th, since next weekend of the 26th will be Magic pre-release and there will be no space. 

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