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Whats Your Collodi List?


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Hey guys

So I'm still a somewhat new player, had a few games, its been awesome. Slowly crossing off the list of masters played against, but got a long way to go.

Ok so here's my question, how do you usually build your Collodi list? what is the list good for?

I have a list I almost always use, but is really only functional in a higher soul stone game, about 50 or so. If it's not legal, let me know.

Collodi - with strum threads

Vasilisa - with friend to walk with.

Widow Weaver - with Handbag

4 marionettes

3 Wicked Dolls

Basically the way I run it, is using the marionettes for blocking up strats, like squatters sights, throwing them forward taking objectives and staying in a person engagement so they cant take it back. Using the wicked dolls to quickly bolt up the side of the board and drop scheme markers in the enemies deployment and stuff like that. Widow Weaver uses webs to deter the enemy crew, collodi buffs and uses casts to slap the wrists of the other player, getting too cocky. and if all goes well a late game summoning of teddy to clean up who remains.


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My usual List - Fated Collodi

Collodi w/ Fated, Breathe Life, Strum the Threads or Thread of Fates(Up to Ratio of Puppets) +2 ~ 4 Marionettes

Arcane Effigy(Removal condition), Brutal and/or Lucky Effigy(Healing), and some solid minions like Illuminated.  


Simply, Fated tactic is using buffed minions, so you need solid minions(and some effigies). Breathe Life is very useful for healing / disengaging, so I always take it for some tactical advantages. Strum the Threads is useful, but it doesn't work to non-puppet minions. so Thread of Fates is better for them. Arcane Effigy and one of Healing Efiigy are auto include models for competitive play.


My usual List - Bag of Props Collodi

Collodi w/ Bag of Props, Breathe Life, Strum the Threads +2 ~ 3 Marionettes

Arcane Effigy(Removal condition), Brutal and/or Lucky Effigy(Healing), Lazarus w/ Retribution's Eye and some solid models.


Bag of Props tactic is more focused to control by Collodi himself. Strum the Threads is better for Collodi himself than Thread of Fated, because this tactic needs to use Collodi's Pull the string for control. Lazarus is very good range enforcer. His Granade Launcher with Retribution's eye is very powerful and he use Collodi's Action by Assimilate.


Additionally, Vasilisa and Wicked Dolls are very fragile, so you must watch out opponent's attacks.


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Thanks for the reply mate. Bag of props sounds like fun, may give that a go. Am always looking for new models, guess that lazarus may be one to look into.

Wicked dolls have been very fragile, which is why I run them almost purely for scheme markers, on the odd occasion though, two of them teaming up can take down some pretty tough models, so long as the right triggers are hit.

I haven't had Vasilisa being too fragile though, though in general she tends to hand back away from the fighting, being just close enough to contribute a little here and there, though I have found her to be very situational, so am also looking at another model that could fill her role and be a bit more of a generalist.

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Ah, now that I think of it, I meant Mannequins for schemes. I get the names mixed up. Being Showgirls, like the Coryphee, that's important for a trick below.

Anyways, a Coryphee can be pretty tricky. They're still really hard to pin down, and Vasilisa makes them super fast if you take her upgrade. Like, in your opponent's side of the board on the first turn fast. However, you don't want to over extend, of course. If it gets hit somehow, it's still fragile. It also cannot form the duet, so I usually just take one. It's a hell of a runner. Also, if you take Lazarus you can Assimilate her Dance Partner move for movement shenanigans with Showgirls. 



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Ted, quick question. How do the coryphees play? I am intending on getting two when they finally come out oct-nov time. But am a little dubious on how they work with my favourite master.

Coryphee is very versatile model. Her Wk is very good and dealing is not bad. but we have good models like Silurid and Illuminated, so if you want a model for one purpose, other good models may be better. And she is very fragile against attacks ignoring armor. But in some combo for schemes, coryphee is great. For example, Coryphee + Vasilia w/ A friend To Talk To + Shadow Effigy combo is very powerful for Plant Explosives.



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