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Mei Feng's Immunity to Paralysis and how it relates to Horror Duels

Rurouni Benshin

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Hi everyone,

So my question is how Mei Feng's immunity to Paralysis correlates to her failing Horror Duels.  Take the following situation:

- Mei Feng attacks Seamus, which triggers the Horror Duel
- Mei Feng fails the Horror Duel, but because she's immune to Paralysis, she ignores the condition.

Does Mei Feng still get to attack Seamus?  Would she have to take another Horror Duel to be able to hit him?  Is Seamus even a legal target for her since she failed the Horror Duel?

Thanks for your help, everyone!

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Yes, she still gets to attack him.

She's still have to take a second horror duel for her 2nd attack (because she failed the first one) -- not that it'd make a difference, since she ignores the paralyse anyway.

And yes, Seamus is still a legal target for her - the only consequence to failing a horror duel is paralyse, which she ignores.


Having said that, Seamus would still heal 2 each time she failed, because his healing is dependant on people failing horror duels.

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