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Iron Quill- Six


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Hey everyone, welcome to the new round of the Iron Quill! We've got a new set of ingredients and a new month to do it all in, and I think you all will like the challenge of this one! I know it took me a moment or two to wrap my brain around any ideas, but I look forward to seeing how all of you blow me out of the water. :)


The Iron Quill is a writing contest that takes place every month where the winner receives a free random box set from Wyrd. It’s an exciting competition and a great place to hone your skills and get some constructive feedback.

The Rules

  • You must post your story in The Writing Room by the submission date with the following posting format: Iron Quill – Name of the round – Name of your story. Nothing else is needed to sign up, but please post in this thread with a link to your story when completed.
  • Your story must be no more than 1,750 words and be a self-contained story set in the world of Malifaux.
  • Any story must include at least two of the Ingredients for the current round. When you use the ingredients, keep in mind they don't need to be literal, please feel free to be creative with them!

As the stories are completed, this post will be updated to contain a listing of all the submissions. You are welcome to edit your story up until the submission date.

The winner will be selected by overall score, as determined by two methods:

  • A public poll will be created where anyone can vote on their favorite story. Each vote will be worth 1 point. Authors of submissions can vote in this way.
  • A private poll of the authors where they pick their favorite story and a runner-up. These votes are weighted; the favorite story gets 3 points, the runner-up gets 2 points. These votes should be submitted to me by forum PM.

All votes must be submitted by the voting date or they won’t count for scoring. You cannot vote for your own submission. If you are an author, you must submit votes for the private poll or you will be disqualified.


Name of the Round: Six
Submission Date: September 23rd, 2015, 23:59 EST

  • Theme: Six
  • Character: The Beggar
  • Line: "Did you ever truly love me?"
  • Item: A monkey's paw
  • Location: A dusty street





Clockwork Top Hat

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Yeah, 1750 words definitely isn't a lot. Still, it's really impressive how much story you can fit into a small space. If you ever really want to be in awe, check out the story Evil Robot Monkey by Mary Robinette Kowal, which was nominated for the Hugo award for Short Story in 2009. I think the word count was somewhere in the mid 900s. Found here. It really got me rethinking how stories work. How much I've been able to apply...that's up for debate. Anyway, excited to see everyone interested and jumping in! Six more days to go, best of luck to all of you!

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