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Malifaux Card box


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So, I was bored at work and fed up of having cards scattered everywhere when I play, the solution, make a card box!

Here it is, constructed from stained maple, purple heart, a bit of walnut, brass and a crap load of watch gears.  Hope you like it.

http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/lamby21/slideshow/Malifaux Card Box

my ability to use computers is rubbish so if you follow the link above you'll see the box.



Your abilities to use computers may be rubbish, but your woodworking abilities are phenomenal! This piece is amazing.

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Nathan, thankyou very much for putting the pictures in.


Thankyou all for the positive response.  Holmes221, these arent marketable with the amount of time they take unless you have more money than sense ore else i would but i believe people would baulk at the price.

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