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[H] lots of metal incl McTavish, Coryphee, Sue, Silent One ...

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I bought quite a few collections recently and now have way too many modells around :D

Having said that I'd like to sell some of them, mainly those I have twice or more.

All miniatures listed here are from the old metal range, some BNIB, some assembled. None of them are primed or painted. They're all complete and in great shape.

I'm from Austria but would sell internationally.

If you're interested, please send me a PM instead of writing here, thanks.

Since I'm still looking for a few models myself I'd also trade if you're interested.

Without further undo, here's the list - happy shopping ;)

My Wants:

1 Brutal Effigy (metal)

1 Sabertooth Cerberus (plastic)

1 Joss (plastic)

1 Colette Crew Box (plastic)

3 Silurid (plastic)

2-3 Waldgeist (plastic)

1 Mechanical Rider (plastic)

2 Nurses (plastic)

3 Rotten Belle (plastic)

1 Molly (plastic)

3 Crooligans (plastic)

1 Wendigo (plastic)

1 Ice Golem (plastic)

1 Leveticus Crew Box (plastic)

1 Student of Conflict (plastic)

1 Desolation Engine (plastic)

My Haves:

-- Guild –

1 Sonnia Griid Alternate

1 Sonnia Criid Avatar

1 Ryle (painted)

3 Witchling Stalker (1 bemalt, 2 blank)

-- Ressers –

1 Nicodem (box version)

1 Kirai

1 Molly Squidpiddge

1 Madame Sybelle

1 Sebastian

1 Lost Love

1 Vulture

1 Bete Noir

3 Crooligan

2 Flesh Construct (Box und Alternate Version)

2 Gaki

2 Nurses

4 Punk Zombie

1 Shikome

6 Mindless Zombies

8 Rotten Belle

-- Arcanists –

1 Kaeris

1 Colette (1 Avatar Version, the one standing with the lightning over her head)

1 Joss

1 Myranda

1 Essence of Power

3 Mechanical Dove

1 Wendigo

1 Ice Golem

1 Sabertooth Cerberus

2 Coryphee / Coryphee Duet

4 Fire Gamin

1 Gunsmith (female)

1 Large Arachnid

2 Moleman

1 Silent One

1 Union Miner

-- Outcast --

1 Leveticus

1 Misaki

1 Von Schill

1 Rusty Alice

3 Hollow Waif

3 Stolen

1 Student of Conflict

1 Ashes and Dust (incl. Core und Storm)

1 Desolation Engine

1 Freikorps Specialist

1 Freikorps Librarian

2 Desperate Mercenary

2 Freikorpsmann

1 Miss Demeanor

1 Sue

-- Gremlins --

1 McTavish

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UPDATE: I already told those who sent a PM a while ago that I've been pretty busy recently and haven't had much time for our all beloved hobby.

Therefore the list above isn't up2date anymore, and right now I honestly have no oversight of what's left and what's not. I sold some of the stuff above, but added other stuff to the list, so it's really not accurate.

There's still a lot left but I have to figure out what exactly. If I find time within the next days I'll update the thread with a new list of minis, but till then I probably won't spend much time on the forum and therefore chances are high I won't see your PM on time.


However: I'll really try to update the list asap and will leave a reply here to let you know. Till then: all the best, have fun with Malifaux ;)

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