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What scheme marker things can gremlins do?


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I haven't received my copy of Shifting Loyalties yet, but Gluttony (the Gremlin Crossroads 7) is all about scheme markers.

I believe he can apply a condition that makes models push into newly generated markers or something along those lines (to eat them, of course). That one could be very interesting.

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Mostly Gremlins are about scheme marker removal. I think it's Corn Husks that lets your pigs eat them for a (0) heal.

The bit you're thinking about is friendly pigs that end their activation within 1" of an enemy scheme marker can eat it to heal 1 wound.


The (0) bit is that friendly Piglets can do (1) interacts for (0) instead. How awesome.

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Fingers can swap an enemy scheme marker for one of your own.


Merris can drop one as a (0) for a card.


They're not exactly that weird or interesting but they're pretty annoying to face, and Merris can get you 3 points for plant explosives in about two seconds.

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- Bugs can drop them via a zero action (very handy as this is on top of any Reckless AP they have)

- Wong can blow them up and place them (the latter being very handy for certain schemes)

- Brewmaster has a one action that can eat them up and heal him


That's everything I can think of that hasn't be mentioned by anyone else. And then you have the sheer numbers/speed our crews can bring, adding to the amount of markers you can get in.

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