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Lore Books?


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I've read in the core books that state the miniatures line handbooks is a source of Lore in it. Specifically it answers various mysteries or other questions about the setting. Secondly, that since 2E is similar, that can adapt the stats to the RPG. So, I'm wondering what books specifically, are good for checking out for pieces of lore to the setting (answering mysteries), as well what books and/or card-sets you would recommend for adapting the statblocks to the RPG?


It seems like there's quite a few, and I think anyone experienced in utilizing them at this point would be very helpful. An example, I saw seamus in a latest book, but unsure that's his only version, if so, what version(s) would be recommended from what book? Stuff like that.


I apologize if this should go in the miniatures thread, I was really unsure  where it should go, felt like a 50/50 of both subjects in a way.

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Yeah, I'm looking for more on Hamelin, and am wondering what fictions he's present in.


However, I can suggest a potential solution:


The Breachside Broadcast is working its way through the fiction from the books as a podcast, so if you're just wanting fluff, then that's a free, simple way of starting.



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