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Wyrd: Please fix the download link for Vassal. Thanks.


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Also available on the website under Resources.


I get the same "resource not found" page when I click on the link you provide Aaron.  I get the same error when I go to the Resources page and click on either the picture for the Vassal download or the words "Vassal Module".  


Perhaps it is a permissions thing if you can access it but we cannot?

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Well that seems to start the download straight away.


What people do not suspect though is, that this is how I distribute my mixtape. I am still learning how to play a guitar, so I had to change all chords, that are in lesson 3 and further to E or Am (whichever was more convenient).


I do covers of popular songs with Swampfiend twist.

  • Siluriders on the storm (Riders on the storm by The Doors) - "If you give this fish a try, those scheme markers will fly! Siluriders on the storm."
  • Where is my mire (Where is my mind by Pixies)
  • Swamp oddity (Space oddity by David Bowie)
  • You don't have to be Silurude (Rude by MAGIC!)
  • Two Silurids are better than one (Two is better than one by Boys Like Girls featuring Taylor Swift) - this one goes to Absolution Black
  • Cat(fishe)s (popular songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats)
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