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SEG's Super Happy Funtime Thread [UPDATE: "More Plug-Uggies than Levy Could Ever Need + Ima-Ho Zako: Complete!"][Explicit Content]

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Disclaimer: This thread will almost certainly contain images of miniatures that may or may not have all their clothing on or may or may not be deemed appropriate by any of you softy-softs out there. If you are easy to offend, this isn't the place for you and I will be making no attempt what-so-ever to facilitate to the more sensitive people within the community.


Welcome to my insanity!






Well I finally did it and took the plunge.


I started a WIP thread in the Iron Painter 2015 forums and I was surprised at the number of views I got (over 2700 during the entire competition). I'm not sure if people looked because they were really interested or just wanted a laugh, but they viewed all the stuff I did, regardless. As such, I decided to make a large thread dedicated to all of the new projects or single minis I complete or even what I am currently working on. I will be including only Malifaux projects, for relevance sake. If any other miniatures or projects pop up chances are they are proxies or of a similar style. In other words, I'm not going to bombard you with post after post of Chaos Dwarves because chances are you're not viewing a Malifaux forum to see Chaos Dwarves. ;)


The only things I don't share are my major projects. I do one a year and I keep them a secret until they are done. As soon as it is done, though, it will show up here.


My approach to miniature painting is achieving what I call "premium tabletop" standard - the kind of stuff you'd expect to see in an issue of Warhammer Visions or on the front of packaging/cards promoting the game. What you should not expect to see is fancy schmancy plinth pieces - I want to be able to use what I paint so most of my stuff will have a little utility in place of being completely artsy-fartsy.


Do not expect NMM - unless I am painting a giant Japanese robot or a bunch of pretty elves (fat chance). Do not expect OSL - I feel that it was innovative 10 years ago but now it is gimmicky an usually out of place. If you want to see someone who uses OSL as an actual creative style rather than just a convenient gimmick - check out Spiraling Cadaver's stuff on the forums here - that's how it should be used! B)


What you should expect to see in this thread is gritty realism - I try to make my minis look natural and dark - for the most part. The spectrum for me is somewhere between gritty realism and grim-dark. ;)


I know, I know - they don't "pop" like the currently popular style of overly saturated super bright and pretty cartoony looking models - but then, not all of us want Dreamer crews that incorporate lime green, baby blue, hot pink, and yellow-as-fuck into them. :rolleyes:


I want my models to look tough and realistic - not like the little tiny toys they actually are. You will, however, probably see a lot of layering/blending/wash (glaze) techniques, battle damage, micro-painting, weathering, creative base design, and enough free-hand to keep you entertained.


My hope is that this thread helps to keep me regular and interested in submitting pictures of my work as much, if not more, than my IP 2015 WIP Thread did. As a side note - the first post will be a collection of all my WIP posts for IP 2015 so that you can quickly skim them, but mostly because they will need a home once the Iron Painter sub-forum goes bye-bye. After that, I believe I owe zFiend a Zombie Pig - from that point on, though, the sky's the limit.


Enjoy! I am fully open to comments and critique or even throwing ideas at me to bring to realization. Assuming that they are appropriately explicit - I just might prioritize it from within my hobby queue, which I can assure you, is long and distinguished. :D


Thanks for looking - expect regular updates - I am a fairly consistent hobbyist and like to keep busy all the time. As such, feel free to follow this thread, if you so desire. :D

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First thing's first... what got me interested in showing my stuff online.


My Iron Painter 2015 Submissions - Collection Complete!



Round 1: Fool's Gold - "Work to Live? / Work to Death!"




Round 2: The End of the World As We Know It - Rattenfanger von Hameln - Harbinger of the End of Mankind




Round 3: Something Wicked This Way Comes - "Killer Klowns Up In Your Face! (aka; The Day Lil' Nate Met Strippy Butternuts the Klown)" (Wyrd Chronicles Volume 18)




Round 4: Made In Japan - "Hans the Stampede"




Round 5: Space Oddity - " 'Rocket Man' Ramos"




I ended the competition 10th overall out of the initial 228 "participants" with 209/300 total points. Can't wait for next year! B)

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This post will be a collection of all the WIP posts I made during the Iron Painter competition that I am preserving since I am guessing that the IP Forum will be bah-leeted shortly, as the competition is now over.


Round 1:

First topic!


Well... time for a pick me up! brb


First day of announcement... pull an all nighter.

On the road to the Iron Painter, baby!








Alright, one week to go so I'll spill the beans on a little bit of my project. As i've said before - my submissions (hypothetically) will be more of a "project" than an actual model or artsy plinth piece. I put a lot of emphasis on effects (weathering, blood, rust, battle damage... most of which doesn't come out well in my photos :/) and micro-painting. I don't like OSL or NMM because they don't fit in well with the rest of my models in a crew setting. I try to achieve what I call "premium" table top quality - something you'd expect to see showcased on the front of a card or in a Warhammer Visions book but not quite in the Crystal Brush. In other words, I'm more of a "best appearence painter" than a competition painter and I really don't want to paint something I can't play with. I'm basically planning on keeping the micropainting til the end and filling in any time left in the round with as much detail as possible. I'm almost 2/5th's done my planned project - but its the hard 2/5th's - easy from here on out.

Here's the first 1/7 to 1/8 of the project "done":


I need to figure out a better photo method - taking pics with the phone ain't cutting it... my blends look like nothing but are bordering on overdoing it IRL. :/

Let me know what you think. I think there are too many miners in this competition already, lol... but too late to change now.






Late night teaser! Trying to finish up with my submission at night because of work conflict (boo!).


He's mooning you, StanMckim... have at you! >8)

I was gonna post a pic of the big'un but he's at the tattoo parlor. ;)








I didn't actually think that I would post so many WIP pics but I am enjoying the number of views this thread is getting.

Pictured is my "collective base" (= basically just an eventual terrain piece to hold all my minis for the finished pic)). This pic is from quite a few days ago - I'm almost done my entry as of now - I wasn't able to get enough time to do 100% of what I set out to do but I will be happy with the end result.

I wanted to keep it simple so as not to detract attention from the minis - basically like a perch.


Rocky texture of foam terrain is achieved by intentionally "melting" it with aerosol and then adding more primer with an airbrush on top - a number of heavy coats then fill the holes in.

Now... the question is, how am I going to really sell the theme of the round... >8)








Now that the round is over I will share with you the complete package...


Basically my overall goal for IP 2015 is to paint as many backlogged minis as possible during the rounds. Out of Round one I achieved:





- 1 large piece of scratch built terrain.

- 5 pieces of scatter terrain.

- 3 terrain accessorizes (the chests will become 30mm stash/stake a claim/objective markers - I have 10 total - 7 still need to be painted).

- 6 miniatures.


I'm really pressed for painting time as I am currently very busy, but I'm trying really hard!


Also! I'm sure you guys have had Jag-Bombs before... but have you ever had a Monster Hog!? (pictured) - Official Drink of IP 2015.


'Til next round!


Pre-Round WIP:



Round 2:

First WIP for R2, baby! Slack'n ain't iron!

For this round I've decided to tone down the size of the model and focus more on a smaller selection. I also have pratically no time for this round so I'm hoping I can really sell the theme with a post-apocalyptic "crew" line-up. Basically, take some existing Malifaux models and give them a spin and put them in a decent setting... get some more models complete and some more terrain is really the goal here. I have a couple of really good painters to go against so I'm not expecting to win (especially given my timeframe) but I will give my best showing anyway. Omnicarbivore won't be devouring me.

Late night teaser - all bases done (but what could possibly be going on them?)! Now on to the scatter terrain! Also, notice my pretty treasure chests - now based as scheme/claim markers. They may not be very practical but I've always been more for looks over function!

Come and get me Omnicarbivore/Tyrannus... mister artsy fartsies. >8)


You may ask yourself "but post-apocalyptia is going to be waaaay overdone for this match" (and you're probably right!) or maybe "how are you going to sell the theme by just simply making Malifaux models post-apocalyptic?" (and I haven't got a clue!)

Stay tuned. B)








Mid-Round 2 Teaser!


I've decided to play this round closer to the chest until the final few days given my stiff competition from both Tyrannus and Omnicarbivore... which, I might add is a disproportionately tough matchup compared to the lot of you! ;) This is, in the end, not because you should expect something crazy and over the top from me this round but more so to keep them sweating and making them think it might possibly could be crazy and over the top.


So confident am I, in my ability to 86 these less than iron gentleman from this most iron of competitions, that I decided to take a break in order to get my metal Johan repainted (sold the old one).




He's got nothing to do with my submission... but behold! Less than two days from bare-metal assembly to ready-to-varnish, just because I felt like it. No sweat boys and girls... its only the Iron Painter. ;) Decided to give him a dwarf slayer kinda look complete with a hide cloak (stroke-by-stroke fur).... but who are those little guys in the background photo-bombing my pretty Johan and what could I possibly be using them for?


Stay tuned. :)








Smack talk has just begun. Now that Omni has offered up his submission it is almost time to activate my trap card. :)

There is no difference between what I submit for this competition and the pieces I play with - I really try to put my best effort into everything I hobby. The biggest criticism I have for my own stuff is that I give up that eye-catching kind of pop and vibranc ythat really seems to win painting competitions in exchange for heightened realism. Great Unclean Ones have nothing on a super shiny and colorfully painted space marine, no matter how well and realistic they are painted - if you know what I mean. ;) That Johan... and everything else you might see me paint... is an example of what I am happy with being my own "tabletop quality", in my mind.

That model did result in me gaining a system for creating perfect scars though. :)








Update time... for reals. Now that there are only 2 days left I'm coming clean with my submission. The images I have been showing are actually from the models I still had to finish for Adepticon but could not get done in time. Since the beginning of the competition I have really been focusing primarly on getting as much done as possible.




None of these are for the actual competition - just stuff I have been doing in between stages of my actual submission. What I was really hoping was that my competition would see this as me not having enough time or not taking the round as seriously - hopefully swaying them into a more passive mindset. Unfortunately, the mindgames seem to have been all for naught given the quality of what I've seen from Omni, so far. Oh well, I'm pretty sure Mario enjoys my mindfuckery anyway. ;)


Here is the first image I showed right from the start of the round... I zoomed in conceal my true submission... Mwhaha.




The end of the round is upon us... next update I'll reveal how crazy I decided to make my "avatar." >8)








Submission posted! I looove waiting til the last few hours (but not too close, you know, just in case shit goes down - gotta be safe and all that!) to make people sweat. :)


During this round of play I was able to complete:


- One big ass 50mm base.

- Avatar or Master Hamelin

- Hell Dorado Jinx

- 6 Malifaux Rats

- Johan

- 2 Hunters (bases)

- 3 Necropunks

- 2 Aboms (bases)


Here is my submission pre-mother-flocking the base out of it:





The house is magnetized to the boards so that I can remove it for use on a 30mm base! There is something satisfying about having the most ridiculous master at games night. I`m all about the hobby component of this...er... hobby so its looks over function - everytime! ;)


Pre-Round WIP:





Alright Omni and Tyrannus... this is where its on like Donkey Kong! Good Luck!

Round 3:

Well, after a disappointing result from my round 2 entry (but a very deserving win by Omnicarbivore, regardless) its back in the saddle for round 3. Since I am no longer competing I feel like I can let loose and do some models that need to get done - with only slight consideration given to the theme (ie. If it sort of fits and I need it for Gen Con, then good enough ;) ). I also won't be putting nearly as much work into my entries unless it specifically coincides with my Gen Con prep.

Regardless, something wicked (and reasonably offensive) is definently coming for this round:


Stop me now, otherwise after today its too late. >8)








Mid-round update time!

I've been mostly focused on prep for gen con - which I am not entirely sure needs to be done anymore from the sounds of things. :/

Here is the basic idea - I'm sure you can fill in the blanks with where I am going with this...


... Nathan gave me a 3/5 for theme last round - so I'm hoping this time I strike true with his judgement. >8)

For some reason, it seems like adding a C&B makes him a whole lot scarier, doesn't it? Down with censorship! B)








Last update/teaser before round ends! Creepy diorama is all done and I just have the teddy kid - who I henceforth dub "Lil' Wyrdo" - to go.

Now that I finished painting Killjoy like that I can not unsee him as being a klown. Beats the hell out of a big amorphous blobby alopecian eunuch. ;)



Hope the rest of you get your iron on so all your stuff gets done on time (no excuses)! B)

Judging from a rant he posted on the general board, Nathan has almost certainly been recently trolled so if I end up banned you know what happened! Then again, I suppose I would consider that confirmation of a certain silly rumor that is floating around which I wish to either confirm/debunk. ;)








Round 3 in the Bag! Link to Gallery: http://wyrd-games.ne...p-in-your-face/




Now its time to see how many of you "real" competitors I can beat out with my lil' ol' ELIM submission. >8)


GL everyone! (except Omnicarbivore! ;) )


'Til next round.

Round 4:

Oh boy, Round 4 puts us over the hill and the end is in sight. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to offer up something complex and interesting - convention prep and a new job are consuming much of my time so a competition that I am no longer even competing in is going to have to take the backseat.

I'm not going to lie - not excited at all for this round's theme - and my offering will fall under the "I was going to do it eventually, anyway" category. I decided on Hans in the style of Vash the Stampede. I was considering doing Ama with extensive freehand on her get up but I wanted a model I could bang out in a day along with some Freikorps.


Pictured - with loads of aforementioned prep materials.

Can't wait to see what you guys who are still competing can come up with!

Hopefully, I am more inspired by Round 5. ;)








Round 4 complete! http://wyrd-games.ne...e/#comment_9298

This is my tentative entry for the round - after I finish it I will repost it here - hopefully before next round. Nothing to write home about but then what did you expect from an ELIM?

I'll try and do something special for R5!

'Til next time. B)









Welcome to Planet Gunsmoke:





Once again, sorry for submitting an entry I was less than happy with but also too bad I'm an ELIM and can do whatever I want - both at the same time! Round 4 finished - hopefully I can pull something grand out of my ass to finish off IP 2015 with some sand! B)

Round 5:

So its Round 5... and its another silly theme. Since I'm far too busy with con season prep I'm trying my hardest to incorporate the models I need to get done into these submissions. If that doesn't work out to resulting in good theme marks... too bad - not like I'm competing anyway!


I've been recently much more influenced by Rathnard being a pewpy head in another thread than I have been in this round's theme (He's not going ahead with doing an undead gremlins faction in favor of.... uggggggggh... 10T, because, 10T is, what, pretty? :mellow:  )


Since he is being so difficult, this entry will, instead, be dedicated to zFiend who seems to be unhealthly attracted to the idea of Zombie Trixibelle. Perhaps it will also show Rathnard what he's missing and that he really should come over to the green side of Malifaux.


As such, I'm going to be doing a trial run with this theme, mostly becasue I want to get this competition over with, but also mostly because I need Gracie for Enforcer Brawl. >8)




If you think it looks like I intentionally made it look like Gracie was about to take a dumb on a rather distraught looking Ramos - you'd be right. If you're wondering what the hell Ramos and Gracie in space have in common... well, you'll have to stay tuned. :D








Silly little mechanical spiders that run around eating scheme markers? Pfffffft. Who needs that shit when you have a jetpack baby!!! Blast off to the stars!



Going for an Iron Man Ramos w/ a 1950's Batman paint scheme because, after all, Ramos is Malifaux's Dark Knight. :)

I'm not sure I can finish the display I was originally planning on doing so I doubt I will try. Zombie pigs need to wait on account of a local tourney I need to finish models for. Priorities people.

I hope I've made a few people feel inadequate with their smaller less desirable ramos'. ;)








Collection Complete! Round 5 is ovah... and Iron Painter 2015 is in the bag!



Now Mister Aaron Darland... how about that forum badge, eh?

Thanks to everyone who participated in Iron Painter this year (except Omnicarbivore) and I hope to see every single one of you next year (except Omnicarbivore).

Please check out my Photobucket Page, if interested... and a Wyrd Miniatures Painting Thread of my newest projects should be popping up sometime in the near future.

Also, I feel that it is important to point out that my WIP Thread friggin' owned the rest of you'se. +2700 views! Thanks, guys - that's awesome!



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Great work, Specter! Wish I could paint half as well. The shirt on Nathan is stunningly well done.

To give you an idea of how poorly I photographed my entries - Lil' Nate's shirt is actually blue - but looks black in the photo. Not to mention the abundance of both natural and unnatural light source all over the damn place... not to mention the shadows! /facepalm :(

I got some help on the subject now, though. Hopefully next time I'll be ready and break Top 5.

I'm also planning on going back and re-photographing my entries once I figure this picture/lighting thing out... but first!... Zombie Miss Piggy!

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Update Time!

"The Return of Miss Piggy... From the Grave! + Strippy Butternuts the Klown and other Gen Con Goodies."

So I am now off to Gen Con (as I type) with my new enforcer for brawl in hand... and zFiend gets his zombie pig! Also, perhaps this shall make Rathnard reconsider his choice to go for 10T over Gremlins... though I suspect he'll end up in Gremlins at some point anyway. ;)




The text on her side panel below the death's head says "feed me" - just in case you cant't make it out - not the best pics, I know. The idea here is to make my zombie pigs look both undead and swampy - I'm giving the pigs a greenish rotten nurgletastic look with plenty of battle damage and other forms of personality while my gremlins will, from this point on, be affectionately known as C.H.U.G.S (Cannibalistic Humanoid Undead GremlinS). They will have a much more pinkish albino mutant look to them - think Hills Have Eyes. I'm not so much making gremlins as I am making creepy little mutated humans, in other words - perhaps even a few midget psychos might show up. B)

Now, in other news, I got these suckers done (including my repainted metal) - a must-have in the tool box of any powergamer:


Yeeeeeeay - deuce trappers! Originally, I was sticking to a dedicated Hammer Legion (Danger Girl) color scheme but felt it was too dated and kind of boring - so I did the "highlight black with sexy shades of blue" thing.

As a final treat as I make my way to Gen Con (24hr drive, baby!) here are Lil' Nate (30mm token for super fun games such as extraction!... escourt!.... and trolling!) and Strippy Butternuts the Klown (the first of many Outcast klown conversions... just wait til you see what I'm doing with my brand new plastic Levy crew.... mwhahaha) on their very own bases and ready to see play.


You'll be seeing these fellas (and madam) plus more at the tourney/casual tables this Gen Con. Can wait! Mr. Cooper must be mine!!!

'Til next time. >8)

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Strippy most certainly received a greenstuff'd set of C&B (check Round 3 Spoilers of second post). Missing anatomical parts bugs me ("Where did her nipples go?") and I'm pretty sure he's scarier this way... for some reason. oO

I'm sad to see that Gracie's multi-colored poka dot teapot didn't show up very well in the pic. I put considerable effort into pulling that off properly. :(

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Update Time!

"Awww... Rats! and a Teddy, too!"

Just some random crap I've been working on... I'm trying to get all my half-done / done-but-without-a-base / primed-and-in-queue models done to make room for finishing up my major yearly project right away here. Not gonna lie, most of what I've been doing for the last month is non-Wyrd related so here's what I've got for you....


I needed a fourth Metal Gamin (okay fine, I don't but I feel better having it... just in case) so I used a random advertisement model for a gaming company I picked up at Gen Con! (oh, look - not Wyrd, whoops!)




Meet Tin-Head Smiley Face w/ Friends. I wouldn't trust that little fucker, if I were you ( ... just look at that smile). Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten around to building a light box so you can't see that his "eyes" blend from white through yellow to orange - just looks like straight yellow... blah.




Next up we have a bunch of repainted rats. Gotta love them metals - best thing about them is repaint/resale potential and when it comes to buying models online you have no problem picking up old metals (80's/90's GW Chaos Dwarves, woo hoo) because you can strip them and repaint with ease. Alternatively, I would never ever buy a used plastic or resin model - no deals.


Here we have proof that, even though I shouldn't care that much about such insignificant "characters," I, never-the-less, put effort into making them match up to my "premium tabletop" quality:






I just can't bring myself to rush a project no matter how small or unimportant. Personally, I think it was a tremendous waste of time, but at least I sleep better at night. Also, these pics seem to have turned out much better - no idea what I did that was different. Also, I've been drinking a lot of Monster Hogs in prep for tonight's painting bender (I'm in night-shift mode right now, so I'm going with it) - so yeaaaaay for Monster and Schwartzhog! (like a Jagbomb but more asskicking). I try to paint in sessions of 6-12 hours (or more) if I can help it. When I get into a groove I don't want to stop.




Okay, fine - that was a boring update so let me show you something I did quite a while ago. I remember seeing dgraz's article about painting the Cerberus and his awesome Cojo - and I was like "Hey! I'm crazy and paint stroke by stroke fur too!" The difference was that my fur is quite a bit smaller and I used an array of 8 different colors layering them on top of each other so that even the white had a little random brown hairs in it and the brown had some black and what have you. I started darkest to lightest and did two layers - the first layer of fur was long hair the second was short hair starting right back at the beginning of my color choices (a mm or two, at most). Then I would axe out certain colors when moving to a higher surface to achieve shadow. It was long and drawn out (because I did it for three different colors - the white, tan, and dark brown sections) and not remotely worth it:








Also, check'r tartan elbow patch - that was my first attempt at the design. I seem to have a knack for micro-painting, sharp straight lines, and attention to small detail in replicating images (I got "accused" of Lil' Nate's shirt being some kind of Wyrd decal/transfer - to which I responded with the appropriate degree of raised-eyebrow-swift-dismissal...ness).


Unfortunately, I found out that your average painting judge at your average gaming event doesn't give a shit about micro painting and small detail and rarely looks closer than a glance at arm's length. This leads to me to often losing to crews like what I like to call those dirty pervasive "Bubblegum Dreamer" crews - you know what I mean - even when they are objectively just not painted that well. Humans seem to love that bright colored saturated BS and I've lost twice to a similar painted crew in tourneys (not counting getting ousted in IP 2015 by Omnicarbivore's Dreamer - but that's okay because I actually deserved to have lost to it :D ) and I am getting real sick of seeing that same damn crew all the time. Someone really needs to reinvent the Dreamer crew (don't worry, it will be me - out of spite). /rant



'Til next time...


... and next time will almost certainly involve a "Steam-Pimp Nec-ho-mancer and his Flamin' Bitches."

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Best painting thread ever.. 


Damn those Rats are insane! Teddy is fucking amazing! Metal Gamins.. Great paint jobs, horrible models! Actually the best one is the non-wyrd one. :D Metal gamins are one of the "seriously how did the ball get dropped this hard?" models of the Wyrd line. :P

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Thanks, zFiend! I'd have to agree - super simple silly little robot guys would be better than the weird creatures they got going on - they don't look very Metal Gamin-y to me. ;)

Also, I'm trying to make a painting thread with an edge - give it some special personality, or what have you - with interesting little tidbits and asides so its not just "look at my stuff." Thanks for noticing. :D

If Malifaux continues to grow, its going to need to have a "hard-side" to it (like MtG had mistings) - and I'm hoping to help facilitate that with some explicitness and more mature themed bantering. The "Malifaux's Most Wanted" podcast is another example - those guys are great!

I'm not sure how explicit is too explicit but after I get my major project done with - I have a Cooper boxset to paint up and... oh ho ho... you better believe Lola is getting some extra special attention. ;)


I do often wonder what this community would consider to be "too explicit." Thoughts - anyone?

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Update Time!

"Joss Gets His Man-Card Reissued and Bah-Bah-Bah-Base in Your Face!"

It's been a little while longer than I expected but I have been busy with many non-geek related ventures as well as hobby not related to Malifaux.


So Wyrd, let's have a little talk about mah boi Joss, mkay? What's the deal with his lame faux-but-not-really-faux-hawk?... makes him looks like a jock in some preppy alternative party frat house. Oh, and what's the deal with his axe?... it appears that he shops in the toddler's power tool section at the Malifaux local Home Depo. And that's all I have to say about that... oh, and...



Pictured is one re-masculated Joss... post getting his man-card back. Not pictured is one very sad Dwarf Slayer who just became slightly less badass. :(

I decided to give him a Beothuk look on account of his Native American background. I was going to tattoo him up something fierce but I felt he already had a lot going on and besides Native Americans are not renowned for any kind of tattooing or scarification - and few even used warpaint, contrary to popular belief. I was thinking of doing some traditional Mayan designs too but I didn't want to be one of those silly people who mix cultures in ignorance... like all those Viking miniatures with 21st century "modernized tribal tattooing." :rolleyes:

I also decided to give him a "corrupted look" since... well... I tend to corrupt everything I touch so I guess that's how my armies end up looking. His axe is quite a bit more menacing now and is a whole lot more thunderous. ;)

Any model that comes with his very own "Fist-o!" deserves a badass treatment, imo.

I was using this fella at Gen Con but he wasn't done yet, so that made me sad - finally finished though and ready to lead many-a HH games in the future.


In other news... since all this forums fixing, and re-fixing, and re-re-fixing is going one, I lost quite a few posts including a review of Coolminiornot's basing system by Micro Arts Studio. Instead of remaking a thread (too lazy) about them, I figured I'd just post up some of the before-after pics of these awesome bases. I really can't say enough about these bases - they have a crisp professional look to them and are probably the best on the market right now, overall (still does not beat the old bases by Basix from Poland - as far as detail and sculpt goes, though).

Besides, I'm sure people would rather see the product not just read "its awesome - buy it." Enjoy:

Bases for my Union Miners and Crooked Men - having separate rings and inserts is pretty much the best thing ever.


Start-to-Finish of a base that will be featured in this thread at a later date:


Finally, here are my Union Miners and Crooked Men that were part of Iron Painter 2015 - finally on bases after waiting patiently for this kickstarter to arrive:



Love 'em. This is my favorite hobby product since flock tufts first came out. :D


Okay, serious mode now. It has come to my attention that this thread is just not explicit or edgy enough... for my own personal tastes, really. Time to step that up.

You know how all those touchy-feely people are always looking for the deeper meaning or the hidden motifs in movies, books, and other media? Well, it just so happens that I am fairly certain that I have found the hidden theme of The Malifaux Universe! One that has a considerable amount of reference as well as being repeatedly brought up time and time again - breaching on an almost excessive degree.

As such, we shall begin exploring this topic with my next post in which I shall dive into the deepest darkest theme in all of Malifaux:

Lechery! (No, seriously... and also, yeeeeeeeaaaaaay!)

Don't believe me? Stay tuned. :D

Until then, I shall wet your fiendish appetite for the abundance of lecherous activity within Malifaux with some pics of my "current" Levy crew (soon to be completely re-vamped and updated with the plastic box):

"The Steam-Pimp Nec-Ho-Mancer and his Firey Bitches":



As a bonus - let me introduce you to two of the Steam-Pimp's trusty bruisers: On the left we have "The Incredible Hulking Vagina Dentata" and on the right we have "The Circumcisionator." Hope you don't owe this guy any money:





As a preview for next week's discusion on, what is clearly one of the most important issues in the Malifaux fluff, I have... some more bases! But what could they be for and how do they relate to jailbait?


'Til next time!

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zfiend - When you see what I'm planning, you may or may not shat bricks - also, it probably won't be replaced - I'll play both depending on what I feel like that day... the new Levy will be more "display" oriented (though still playable). The steam-pimp has a special place in my heart.

Viruk - You make me blush. :D



Ugh... okay back to work... been so busy with other stuff my hobby is suffering big time... here's a preview of some more "models-I-don't-really-care-about-but-feel-compelled-to-finish -because-they-are-already-assembled/primed-and-taking-up-space-at-my-painting-station"... just so that... you know... you don't think I'm messing around and getting lazy. ;)


And, yes... just in case you are still wondering - we will still be talking about the interaction between young women and old men next update.


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  • 3 months later...

"Return, From Beyond Page 5 - Now With 100% More Lechery and Other Srs Shit!"

Wow... I haven't updated in a loooooong time. Bet you thought I just up and quit, didn't you? Bet you were happy. Okay, here we go:
Hey, you know what's boring? Page after page of just "look at what I did today" that the majority of people simply scroll through to look at pretty pictures for like 5 seconds then make a 5 second comment - lets spice this shit up a bit with a little more meaningfulness and depth of discussion/content and add some much needed personality to this message board (while continuing to balance on the line of getting perma-banned? oO ).
This thread is no longer just a "hey everyone, look at my shit thread" - it is now a "Super Happy Hobby Funtime Thread" and it will include whatever I want. In other words, it will be more of a series of message board thread posts in a "blog" style that - in addition to painting - will include my geeky adventures around North America (I go on 1-2 trips a month) and how I fit gaming into my lifestyle, random thoughts, and other interesting tidbits. Since I'm currently 90%-Hobby/10%-Gamer in my geek-life, this thread will still be mostly about painting anyway so it shall remain "on topic" (so hah).
But... I mean... if you still really don't care about anything I have to say then just lurk down to the bottom, look at the pics, shrug indifferently, and move on to the next thread. Well, at least enjoy the bit about the lechery,  though... I put some serious thought into that shit.
In regards to my absence - and to be fair, it is 2/3 because I've been extremely busy with non-geek adventures (and some crappy stuff like "working") as of late. Painting plastic toys and playing board games has grown somewhat unfulfilling by itself as of late and, for whatever reason, I decided that the change I needed was to put my life in immediate danger to make things a little more interesting. Hence, my return to spelunking/free-climbing and other forms of mountaineering after about a 3 year absence and - in an effort to find something that gives me more of a sense of competition and fulfillment - I ended up face planting into the ever growing popular trend of OCR (Obstacle Course Racing). I will also be doing a series of Extreme Adventure Races and Ultramarathons in starting in January 2016 and continuing until I finally break myself.
Instead of doing the "New Year's Resolution" BS everyone else does, I've decided for 2016 that I will activate "Quest: World's Most Badass Geek" and really push myself to excel at both miniature/card/board gaming (emphasis on hobby and attending conventions) and extreme endurance sports - talk about two sides of the spectrum. oO
After only three months of training and a handfull of OCR events - not to mention absolutely no background in any kind of running sport what-so-ever - I've actually been doing extremely well - already capable of running towards the top of the pack with the big boys (and always getting better every time) and I have already qualified for the pro-elite heat of the 2016 OCR World Championships after placing 5th at the Dallas Spartan Beast Elite Men's Single Heat on Halloween weekend earlier this year.
[Pic Related]
Problem? [/trollface]
After a bunch of competitive races of all different lengths and styles, I have decided that I will be focusing almost exclusively on extreme endurance events and adventure challenges of >12hr/75mi in length. My main focus for 2016 will be the Canadian Death Race (already signed up!), all of the main OCR World Championships (Battle Frog Series, Spartan Race - already did Tahoe in September - and OCRWC), and World's Toughest Mudder. Otherwise, if its supposed to be hard as fuck and >12hrs - I'm probably interested.
One of my biggest pet peeves is [copy] the subculture of geekdom that has festered itself into existence over the years and then legitimated itself through pop culture trends ("geeky is cool" = Big Bang or Revenge of the Nerds, and other crap like that)... not to mention - and lets face it - straight up passive acceptance of mediocrity coupled with low self-esteem, an insidious lack of ambition or integrity, or even just simply poor social skills to deal with the general public [paste]. 
As such, my plan is, over the course of next year (and beyond!) - to become the world's most badass geek (like, really - who is my biggest competition? Vin Diesel? NBD). My goal is to do one major event every month (in addition to all major OCR championships and any extreme ultra marathons I can find) plus hitting all three of the biggest miniature conventions (Adepticon - my fav, Gen Con, and Nova Open) and any other local events or big-ish Malifaux specific events (Breaching the Faux or Califaux), if possible. 
I believe life is all about balance and I really want to show that being geeky doesn't have to just be an awkward crutch, a security blanket, or - on the flip side - that normal functional people can enjoy geeky things without talking their brain into accepting a specific lifestyle because they feel they need to in order to fit in. When I was in highschool, I never would have told anyone that I liked geek stuff because I wanted to fit into the cool crowd and it just shouldn't have to be like that. Geek stuff is super cool - and i think that more "normal" people would be interested in it if your typical gaming communities were less... ehhhhh... "particular"?
TL;DR? - I feel its time for geeks to toughen up, drop the hyper-sensitivity and stigma we haul around, ditch the passive acceptance of mediocrity, and start aspiring to constantly better ourselves in all aspects of our life to become fully functional individuals - after figuring out what that means for you, on an individual level, and however you decide to do it for yourself. And off I go. ;)
So then, back the the whole painting thread thing... the other 1/3 of my time spent messing about that I was talking about was because I was holding off posting my stuff with intention of perhaps entering some of it into the Rotten Harvest competition but I gave up on that idea half way through the month - training and work took up just about all my time. Not to mention I've been on a terrain making bender as of late - not sure why, exactly... probably because its easy to bang out a bunch of big stuff quickly without thinking about it too much.
Okay - so onto the core subject matter of this post now... its time to get serious now.
Lechery (yeay!), Malifaux, and You! 
As promised - the main minis this time are going to be lechery related. The other models will be completed pics of my last "models-I-don't-really-want-to-do-but-did-anyway" WIP post).
I bet half of you are like "Whaaaaaat? Okay, so there is Leveticus and Alyce - which is a bit Wyrd  - but like how can lechery be that big of a theme in the Malifaux universe?" 
Here's the kicker - what if I were to say that there isn't just a single or even two potential lecherous interactions but an actual love triangle of lechery... AND THEN say that there isn't just one trifecta of forbidden lust... but TWO! (Oh, yes >8) ). Then, to really cement my point - there is also a case of "lechery of convenience" and a pretty obvious, though shadowed lecherous relationship that may or may not involve some freaky -furry-fetishism.
So then, quite obviously, the first love triangle involves Levy (pervert), Alyce (crazy with daddy issues), and - if you know your fluff - Ramos (totally indifferent to anything that isn't mechanical and has more than two legs - just think of all the weird shit he's probably into). Well, actually - that made for one of the more interesting Malifaux stories - so that's cool, right?
The second (more relevant to this post) love triangle is Seamus (serial killer - probable necrophile/rapist), Molly (goody-two-shoes victim, probably 20 years younger at least) annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...
Albous von Schtook! (decrepit old professor with a crush that manifests itself as a habit of writing creepy love letters). So, in my own mind, I decided that Albous would rescue Molly (who's mindstate is all but FUBAR by now) and go toe to toe to toe to toe against the Steampimp himself, Levy - and his boo, Rusty - for a battle to become the ultimate steampimp of all of the skanky slums of Malifaux City.
So, uh yeah, I made a Levy and Rusty proxy out of JP Smith and a bio-tech'd metal molly...
Please note that I did everything I could to make Molly look as "evil jailbait" as I possibly could. Don't judge... afterall, what young woman of questionable morals/ethics wouldn't want a moustahe ride from that bad mofo, right there?
Additionally, one of my biggest criticisms of Malifaux models is [copy] that the masters rarely seem to have, what I started calling, a "commanding presence" and kind of just blend in with the rest of the crew [paste]. From now on, I pretty much plan on directing as much attention to my crew's master as possible - your cheesy gamey riders shouldn't be the center pieces of your crew - your master should be commanding that shit. So that is why he's got the necro-pimp staff as a battle standard of sorts and the attention stealing paint job.
Oh, and just in case you were wondering about all that other lechery - Nicodem takes full advantage of some good ol' fashioned institutionalized prostitution with the much younger Kirai and in regards to all that freaky furry lechery ... well, if you don't think that Marcus (who is super old balls, from what it sounds like) and Myranda (just look at that pose - she's down for anything) don't get it on shapeshifter style - you are probably just naive. 
Did I miss any other lecherous activity in the Malifaux fluff? Probably... Malifaux is a dark place indeed.
More Minis!
I recall all the bitching from the Monday Preview Forum about how the new Peacekeeper model looked "too orc-y" and no real mention of how the old one looked pretty much the same and just as orc-y, as well. Well, here's proof:
A tribute to one of the only three factions worthy of being played in Fantasy (others being Chaos Dwarves and Dwarves, naturally).
Also, here's a little flying dude who will see more time on the tray than the table... oh well, at least he looks pretty (notice his "skin wings" - I'm trying to keep a consistent trend of keeping my minis corrupted and bio-mechanical so that I can swap them between all the different construct using crews I have without them looking out of place unless they are specifically with their main crew - I like to think ahead about the possibilities and not have clashing themes just because I take an atypical model):



So, as far as the next update goes - I was thinking we might delve into some more super serious discussion.
Perhaps I will jump start my ass in regards to my project dedicated to re-imagining Jack Daw (not to mention his cheesy boy-band) in a much more appealing light - that was my plan for the Rotten Harvest, after all.
Well, actually, I was also kind of hoping that we would discuss Nathan and Eric's obvious unconscious attraction to strong, powerful, red headed women. Who knows?

In my next update - Albous and Levy will be getting a very large delivery of big ol' plug uggies to add to their arsenals for their face off - not one, not two, but THREE Desolation Engine Proxies! Here comes the pain... mega-sized... with one that I've taken to calling the "Entropic Siege Engine" (McMourning might be interested too!). I also have finished most of the rest of the metal minis that I felt needed to be repainted. All of these models are actually done already but I just want to make sure I have enough backlogged to make these hobby thread updates more consistent.
I will also be discussing some interesting points about all of the FLGS that I had visited during my OCR event trips in the last quarter of this year (Dallas, Sacramento, and LA specifically).
'Til next time!...
and Merry Ho-Ho!
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