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InfernoCon SW 2015

Storm Gryphon

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3 HOT Days of Gaming in the Desert Southwest!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 18-20 September Las Vegas, NV!
InfernoCon SW is offering three days of miniature games, RPGS, and card games! And what better place to enjoy some great game tournaments than Las Vegas itself! Hosted at the Platinum Hotel and Spa (located about 1 mile east of the Strip). Sponsored by Empire Comics and Games, LLC and thanks go out to our manufacturer supporters and all our awesome Tournament Organizers!


Saturday (19 Sept) - Henchman Hardcore 

- A single crew for the whole event.
- 20 points, led by a henchman.
- The crew must have exactly four models.
- Upgrades can be purchased, but additional soulstones can't be bought.
- All actions, abilities, and triggers that summon models are considered blank. No models can be summoned.
- Close deployment.
- The only strategy is Turf War, the only scheme is Assassinate.

Three rounds, 30-minute rounds.   
Starts at 7pm. Expected event time:  2 hours.


Sunday (20 Sept) - Gaining Grounds event.

50 Soulstones, Gaining Grounds rules.
1:45 rounds.  Expected event time:  6-8 hours.
Starts @ Noon.

Round 1 - Headhunter, Corner Deployment 
Round 2 - Turf War, Standard Deployment 
Round 3 - Collect the Bounty, Flank Deployment 
Round 4 - Reckoning, Standard Deployment


2-Day Pass Special Discount available for playing in both Malifaux tournaments.


Other Games:

Warhammer 40k
Drop Zone Commander
Warmachine / Hordes
Wild West Exodus
Star Wars X-Wing
D&D Encounters
Magic: the Gathering

Plus demo and participation Games.
Open Gaming Friday and Saturday Night!


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