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Gluttony Wave 3 question


I know most people don't have the beta files and that things may have changed since the beta to release, but anyway the question.


Gluttony can give out this condition:

"Mad With Hunger: Whenever a Scheme Marker is
placed within 6" and LoS of this model, push this model into base contact with the
Marker, then discard it and this model suffers 2 damage. End this Condition after
this model removes 2 Markers in this way."

Let's say a marker is placed in 6" and LOS but the push gets stopped before hitting base contact with the marker does he still remove it?


My instinct is yes because there is no verbiage to suggest that he has to actually reach base contact, but I was interested in what other people thought. 


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It sounds the same as McTavish's Gator Snack, just worded differently. Push model before discarding target marker.

Yeah. This.

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