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Malifaux World Team Championship


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Hello from the UK Malifaux scene.


My name is Greg Piskosz and a few nights ago I was talking with some players in the US about arranging a competition between the best players the UK and US have to offer.


After thinking about this for a little bit I don’t see any reason why the rest of the world should be left out.


Essentially what I’m proposing is the first Malifaux World Team Championship (WTC).


This will be a tournament where each country can enter up to two teams of five players to compete against the teams from the other countries.


Each round will be team vs team and there will be a pairing process where the teams decide which one of their players will face off against someone from the opposing team. If your team wins more games than your opposing team then you win the round. Total team VP diff will be used as a tiebreaker in the event of draws.


I should point out that this is all subject to change, we haven’t got a definite format sorted out yet.


We are currently looking at holding the event in late August/Early September 2016 and it is likely that the WTC will be held in either the UK or the US (New York probably) next year but I would love the WTC to be held in different country year after year.


I want to stress that nothing is certain yet. The reason I’m posting this is to gauge interest, so if you think that you can get a team of five players to travel and represent your country, please post in this thread. When posting could you let me know what country you’re speaking for and I’ll add you to my “interested” list.


For the record there is no hard and fast way to select a team. I’ll leave each county to decide that method amongst themselves, however each team has to contain a minimum of 4 different factions.


Location will be based where the most interest is generated. This may sound unfair but logistics will be a large part of this event and it is far easier to get 2 teams to travel from the US to the UK than it is for 10 teams to travel from Europe to the US for example.


I’m going to leave it at that for the 2-3 weeks before looking at things in more detail (I’m also going to Gencon this year so nothing will happen until after that anyway!).


Just so there isn’t any doubt: Nothing is confirmed yet, this is only an idea. However if enough people want this to happen, then we’ll take serious steps towards making this competition a reality.




Greg Piskosz






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