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READ THIS: Trading Forum Rules

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As our community grows and evolves our rules need to evolve with it. To this end we're adding some new rules to the Trading Forum;


Personal Trading
The forum is for personal trading of miniatures and hobby related materials, ie; no business transactions, no used cars.

At your own risk
Trades are made through the forum are made between the participants in the trade at their own risk. Wyrd and the mod team accept no responsibility or liability regarding and trading / buying / selling conducted in this forum.

Auctions & Payment
All auctions and currency transactions must be conducted through reputable external means. You can't run auctions or send money via this or any other Wyrd site. Users should pay special attention to the protections they have in place when using a given service, to ensure they are comfortable with the level of risk they are taking.

Mods will take a very hard line with users breaking these rules, or otherwise causing issues with trading.



Thanks for keeping this forum useful and fun for everyone.




- The Mod Team

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