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New player playing Molly as a second master


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Damn game, you were right guys: once you start playing malifaux... You want more!

So after my first crew, Rasputina and friends, i got the first metal Molly box, with 3 crooligans and a Rogue Necromancy, got it new for 14€/10£ at sales in a french shop. Maybe i'l add Yin and some Zombie Punks, but do you have any idea about a solid range attack model i could add to the party? Thanks :)

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If you go spirit Molly, which I personally think at the moment is the stronger, though most models are still only in metal, go with Izamu.

If you go with Horrors you are going to want killjoy, a rogue necromancy, yin, and the valedictorian.

You'll want them all at differebt times based on the scenario generated.

If you only have to money to pick up one at the moment go with killjoy.

Regardless you will want a madam Sybelle ASAP.

As an aside I think I read your post as a solid range, Attack model instead of a solid, range, attack model. Molly doesn't do well at ranged attacks and I think focusing on them as anything other than an incedently ability is a mistake. However if you wish to experiment, which you should, guild autopsies for horrors and onryo for spirits.

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Thanks a lot, both of you. As a new player, i don't always remember every models, and it seems Guild Autopsies could be interesting for my crew. I'll try to play Horrors first, because of some models i really want to field, from an "aesthetics" point of view. Thanks again!

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Hi! Welcome to the dead side. 


I'm sorry to say that ranged attacks aren't really the resser thing if you will. Its kind of one of the faction weaknesses. However you do have some options here. 


Guild Autopsies as mentioned above have a regular ranged attack as do the Drowned. 


If you looking for a bigger investment in SS then The Hanged and the Rogue Necromancy can offer you some great options as well. 


All of the models have some great synergy with Molly depending on your upgrades. 


I hope you enjoy! 

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