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New Southampton UK player(s)


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Hello all!

I'm Syc, otherwise known as Coop, Alex, Dale, Oi You! And other assorted monikers across the real life and the interwebz.

I'm here to represent a small group of players just starting up in Southampton UK, which has a pretty large malifaux following already I have discovered, and now another 6!

Personally, I've been all over tabletop gaming for years, moving from system to system as my interest waxed and waned, GW, Privateer, Mantic etc and have known of Wyrd and Malifaux since they appeared a decade ago.

But only recently have I truly engaged into what I've found to be one the best rulesets ive ever come across. I had a few intro games back about 6 years ago (I forget if it was 1.5 ed)

These rules, combined with the new gorgeous plastics for m2e, i think I've found my perfect game and intend to be playing for years to come!

Thanks to this year's Salute, we as a group now have a tonne of models that we bought because of how awesome they all looked, and now are slowly getting our heads around the basics of play and some of the nuances of each master.

We have a Gremlin (plus a side show of 10T Misaki) player (that's me, I own Som'er, Ophelia and now Brewie!)

a Ressers player (McMourning and Nicodem so far),

Guild and Arcanists player (Lady J and Marcus),

and 3 Neverborn players (split across Dreamer, Lynch, Lilith and Zoraida)

So that's us. Or rather me, with a future sprinkling of other peoples views, as presented by me.

Glad to be here


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Good to hear about more local(ish) players.

I'm based in Poole so about an hour away.


There's a couple of clubs down here on Thursday nights. One in Christchurch where I will also be running a tournament in September if you think you and your guys will be up for it and one in Poole, a store called Entoyment which my friend Jan is running a smaller event at in August.

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Hello and welcome, its nice to hear more local plays taking up the game. As Psientologist said I am running a smallish tournament called Soulstone Poole on the 16th august open to all players of all abilities. 


best thing about this game is the amazing community so hopefully we will see you guys around. 

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Hiya, I'm in Southampton too. I haven't played in ages (local club didn't really do a lot of malifaux just 40k) but my 'local' FLGS in Bournemouth the excellent LVL Up do run Malifaux on a Tuesday (a night I can't usually make due to other commitments) and I'm trying to get more games in.


This sunday (02/08) they're having a Malifaux game day for newbs and non-newbs alike. Myself and my GF (sold on 'zombie hookers' and 'killer kittens') will be there as well as others including a henchman.


In addition I'm always up for a game (I'm not exactly a great player but I find the game fun despite regardless) though unfortunately I can't host, if you guys want another player please let me know!!

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