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July Malifaux in Orlando, FL @ Coliseum of Comics - FSM

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Hey guys!


So here at the Fashion Square Mall we're still going to be blocking out time for Malifaux on Saturdays at 3pm.  The only Saturday we won't be running it will be on 7/11 due to another conflicting gaming event.


July 4th - We're running a game this day with a custom scheme to replace "Hold the Line".  We call it "Proudly Wave Your Flag".


New rules:


"This scheme starts the game revealed.

Place a scheme marker in the center of the board.

Designate a non-peon member of your crew as your flag-bearer.  This model gains the action: (2) CREW PRIDE: This model raises their crew's flag high and waves it brazenly in the face of their opposing crew, ignoring all potential danger.  This action can only be taken within 6" of the center marker.

For every turn after the first that the flag-bearer uses the "Crew Pride" action and survives the round, their crew earns a point for the turn.  This scheme can only earn a total of 3 points total."


July 18th - Open Play


July 25th - Open Play


As always, you can check out our events calendar either on our website or on Facebook. Good gaming everyone!



Alex B

Games Manager

Coliseum of Comics, Fashion Square Mall

3201 E. Colonial Drive M-11

Orlando, FL 32803





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