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Translation in French?

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I finally did a demo for my friends and they loved the game. I had translated the cards for them, but this made me think (yes this peculiar thing does happen from time to time, though my brain quickly shuts off).


Will the cards be translated as well? By that, I mean will the cards be available in other languages, perhaps in packs like the arsenal decks? Or will whole box crews have inside cards in another language? (this last option I find too complicated but who knows?)


I'm also wanting to run TTB rpg, and started working on the translation as well... 

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Hi there, I'm a member of the association mentionned by Mournblade myself (and a member of the board of said association)

May I add that the deadline imposed on the poor translator were (ridiculously?) short for such a work he had to do. If I remember well, he had less than a fortnight (or was it three weeks?) to translate the whole first book. All this so that in the end, almost a year later, still nothing in sight, not even the slightest mention of the possibility that it may be released one day? It's a bit strong, innit? :lol:

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On 22/4/2016 at 0:31 AM, Mournblade said:

because this will, at the end of the day, damage the reputation of the game in French-speaking countries.

And it would be too bad because many French players are waiting this translation to start the game... :(

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Some players are currently on the fence and looking at several games to chose from.

Warmachine/Hordes' new Mk3 is translated in French. Guild Ball has a translation in French (fan-made if I understood correctly). X-Wing & Infinity have translations also.

Among the forefront miniature games, only Malifaux does not have any translation in French. Wyrd's sales had begun to grow when the French translation was announced because the community of existing gamers and some shops advertised the game, did demos, wrote articles... We built a momentum.

If the French translation is not available soon, we will have worked for nothing at all.

What is happening?

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Just to give another testimony to "our situation" in France. I copied from our forum at the very moment and paste it without modification : 



En septembre de gentils initiateurs du club nous ont fait découvrir le jeu avec l'odeur d'une traduction française... nous étions 6. Le soufflé est retombé...  :(
Je range mes petites figurines et mon jeu de cartes. Au mieux on attendra noël prochain.

I'll translate for you : 



Last September, nice people from our club had us discover the game with some words about a French Version... There were 6 of us. But the enthusiasm went down...
I'm putting away my minis and my deck of cards. If all goes well, we'll see things as they are next Christmas... 

Here goes another six players and potential customers...
Well done...

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Same thing in Paris....


I'm really sad about it...

For memory, what I said in november. Should I translate?

On 05/11/2015 at 0:12 PM, Pallas4 said:

I really want it... When I do demos, the sentence I hear most is "le jeu est bien, mais il est en anglais donc...."



The game is good, but it's in english so...



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On 11.6.2015 at 2:45 PM, Nathan Caroland said:

French, Spanish, German and Italian translations are currently underway with outside partners/publishers.


Can't give you a solid date on when they will be released as they are all currently in progress and I have yet to see the final translations and layouts as of yet, but we expect that they should be available before end of year.


There you go, news nugget of the day and hobby/love life saved. :)

End of 2015 did come and go, did anything happen in the meantime?

Are there unpredicted problems?


Personally, I don`t need a translated ruleset, but I`m pretty sure it would get us more new players, so I thought I`ll ask :)

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