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10T and demos


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Hey all,


This is a big question, especially for the Henchmen of the forums. When demoing M2E for new players, what 10T masters do better in smaller game sizes (30-40ss? Usually I do 35ss games?) in their other factions? What 10T masters do more poorly in smaller games in their other factions, needing to find balance in a larger-sized game? Using the crew boxes as a base, how can I best use these masters to teach the fundamentals of this game to new players? What should I look to purchase in order to demo better?


To this end, I have a list of models I own for the sake of 10T-infiltrated demos, intended for use against each other. It's basically Book 4 of 1st Edition sans a few other models :P


Black Sheep/Guardsman-theme:

McCabe (m)

McCabe (dm)


Sidir Alchibal

Wastrel x3

Guild Austringer x2

Guard Sergeant



Yan Lo

Soul Porter





Ashigaru x3



Mei Feng



Rail Workers x3

Metal Gamin x3

Rail Golem (need to find the card though :P)




Jakob Lynch

Hungering Darkness

Illuminated x3

Depleted x3

Beckoner x2

Mr. Graves

Mr. Tannen

Stitched Together x2







Torakage x3

Oiran x2


I am missing Ama no Zako (which I really should be getting for other reasons at least), 10T Brothers (though I might actually own 2 somewhere... :P), 10T Archers (I had them but had no room for them at the time I sold them off), and one of three Oiran (which was a gift to a friend).


I am planning on getting the Brewmaster and a Whiskey Golem, to give representation to the Gremlin side of things, but I figure I should play that crew against them if they want to see Gremlins in action (though I have no experience with Gremlins :P).


So here is my inquiry: With what I have, can I make 5 (6 with Brewie) crews of all different non-10T factions, which are balanced at the same (low) size (ideally 35)? If not, what should I add on to a future purchase in order to achieve that end? I figure for Yan Lo I could make use of Onryo pretty well, and for McCabe I can piece together my Guild Guard and Captain Dashel models without a problem...


Thank you~!


~Lil Kalki

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Misaki, Mei, and (maybe Lynch) make great demo crews from my experience, as I usually don't demo with upgrades (I do a 12 SS game with a Henchman to start, then add in a master, totem, and third minion).


As upgrades add more information to process, I tend to leave them off. To me, this makes Yan Lo and McCabe poor choices as they rely on upgrades to thrive.. They also tend to be more finnicky masters and not necessarily a good choice for new players. 


I would just ask the person who is getting the demo what they'd like to play: Ninjas, Cyborg Rail Workers, Vicious Drug Addicts, Indiana Jones, or Lo Pan?

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Conversely, Yan Lo and McCabe are a great way to teach the importance of upgrades and the effect they have on the game. I think Misaki's upgrades are the hardest to balance for demos, since Misaki's success depends on the chosen upgrades meshing with the player's style. Mei Feng and Lynch are in the middle. Their upgrades are cool, but aren't felt as strongly outside of a few scenarios.

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Actually, being a pretty heavy 10T player myself, I tend to have the most of that faction on hand when doing a demo, so more often then not I have 10T vs 10T. as the Doctor above me stated, I usually do 12ish stones to start and lead with a henchman. Yama, Sidir, Toshiro (sometimes) and Ototo have all made their way to the demos and often square off against each other. I hire something simple like torkage or wastrels I have even used Toshiro with punks and yamaziku with ronin. it works out pretty well. shows off the mechanics, and lets them choose. I usually start out by asking "Do you want Ninjas, Cowboys, or Zambies. (soon to add cyborg rail workers once they're painted)


when I'm building the crew for the demo purpose (which I almost always do if they've never played Malifaux before) I can adjust for some minor imbalances. Yama + 2 torkage and Sidir with 3 wastrels may not be super balanced, but it works great on the table when you're showing interactions and such.


idk, I've had little trouble demoing the game with them. =]

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