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Iron Quill, Apprentice- Results!


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Hey everyone! Here's the results from this latest round, which included two awesome poems along with the great stories we've all come to expect from the Quill. Give yourselves a round of applause, you deserve it!


First item of business, I'll be posting a feedback thread for the Iron Quill and its rules (I'll link it, but it'll be in General Discussion), so if you guys could be thinking about that, will appreciate it. I'll be posting it once I get home from work, and it'll run for at least a week, during which we'll be taking a break from the Quill.


Now, on to the results!


In third place, we have Laatija Gray's poem Soulstone!


In second place, admiralvorkraft's The Gunsmith's Apprentice.


And in first place is The Night Market, by Haunter!


Congrats to you all, and I'll see you all in the morning for a chat, I hope. :)

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This is my surprised face!  :o


Wow!  I'm sort of stunned... but not so stunned that I'm not also really thrilled!  Thanks for the vote(s) of confidence!  I was really excited by the 2nd and 3rd place entries as well, and I'm proud to share the podium with such good work.






Okay, now that the shock has worn off, I shall do a happy dance!




This was a fun story to write.  I started off with the Night Market as a location, and that I intended for one character to sacrifice the other.  Then I started writing.  It was clear pretty early in the first draft that Geoffrey was the sucker.  Poor Geoffrey.  


I struggled for a long time with the 3rd act, scouring my rule books for an appropriate villain.  In unrelated googling I stumble across a pic of Ama No Zako that I think was from the Frozen Moments diorama section and it clicked.  Oni, meet lunch.  


I was tickled with the idea of the extra-dimensional tent, but worried that the stark change of setting would be too jarring and feel too out of sync with the bleakness of the Quarantine Zone and Night Market.  In the end it felt like it worked well enough.


I'm excited for the next round... and curious about this whole 'rules discussion' thing Edonil's talking about.  

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