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strategies and schemes master selection for outcasts


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In a standard tournament situation you find out your opponents faction and the strategies/schemes.

Seeing as I'm diving headfirst into outcasts with a Tara crew on the way and looking get into some local events I'm wondering how everyone picks when to use what outcast master?

When does Von Schill come out over Misaki for example?

I defer to everyone's experience and wisdom

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Outcasts in general are pretty flexible, but there are some standouts.


Hamelin and Nix don't gain conditions, and the rats can self-sacrifice if they get conditions on them, so he's a really good choice for Distract and Cursed Object. He also shines in Turf War.


Leveticus is pretty much impossible to assassinate, and is great at killing masters, so if Assassinate is in the pool, he's a good choice.


Tara and Jack Daw can both move their crew across the table quite fast, so they are good picks if corner deployment comes up.

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Von Schill is a pretty darn good choice for Turf War/Extraction. The 'Korps gain all of his buffs, while they heal and support each other. Can be quite gruesome. Vicks and Leve isn't a bad choice here either (frankly every crew can do these strategies well enough).


Headhunter. Its a Leveticus thing for me. Call in the Belles, shoot stuff, and pick it up. Jack Daw might ok too since he got heaps of pushes to those markers. Hamelin can drag stuff in with his Pipes and Obey. Rat Catchers' got don't mind me. Vicks can obviously get things into the ground with Rapid Pace, question is if they are too good in this strategy...


Squatter's Right. Misaki can jump about and harass several markers, so can Von Schill and the Strongarm Suit. Hamelin can play a strong denial game here. Jack Daw can bring Jaakuna, Taelor, and Johan, which cover a huge amount of the board. You need a plan for protecting one of the flanks with him though. Lazarus and the Trappers are a pretty good pick here, depending on terrain, but if the markers are out in the open it is pretty much target practice for them. Leveticus can gather a well performing crew for this strategy too, with the philosophy of shooting anything that comes near a untapped marker. Tara's 6 AP with Scramble is rather handy is this strategy too.


Interference. Hamelin or Leveticus. Hamelin can move about his wretched rats to engage bunches of enemies after his crew have out activated them. And he can move the enemy crew too very potently to no-scoring zones. He is a utter dick in this strategy. Leveticus can kill enemy models while replenishing his own ranks. Datsue Ba or the dreaded Mech Rider are trust companions here, as well as his trusty Ashes and Dust. Tara gets an honourable mention. On her second activation she can throw a beater at a bunch of enemies to deny points.  


Reconnoiter. Leveticus. Same reasons as in Interference. You can gather almost any crew though with around 8 models with enough staying/hitting power. Just kill the enemy faster than you loose your own models. Usually players' say this is a summoners strategy, but it can be a killers strategy too.


Guard the Stash. Everyone can do just fine here. Form two solid groups, and try and deny one of the markers.


Reckoning. Outcast got heaps of sturdy killers, pick the one of your choice.


Stake a Claim. Leveticus and Hamelin can hire Crooligan which are pretty good for this. The former can hire Soulstone miners and Necropunks too which is good choice too. Hamelin can move his crew about too, and disrupt the enemy from interacting. Tara's 6 AP is once again welcomed, as is her Buried mechanics. Misaki's Torakage is Fast enough to do this. Jack Daw can move about his crew very well. Plenty of choice. Outcast can copy the Guild's way of doing this strategy quite well too, shooting anything that comes over the centerline before it can drop a marker; we will get there soon enough ourselves!


Collect the Bounty. Shooting can be good here, but any master can do this fairly well I think. Its like Reckoning, more or less. 

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